01 Oct 2010

School Lunches!

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Now that Garrett is in preschool, I have to make his lunch every day.  Let me rephrase that.  I ENJOY making his lunch every day!  Sometimes dinner is dictated by what I want G to have in his lunch box the next day, sometimes his lunch is dictated by the previous night’s dinner, and SOMETIMES I forget to make his lunch until we’re just about to leave for school.  These are the days when he better be happy with a turkey sandwich, whatever fruit and veggies are available, and some mini rice cakes.  I highly recommend Quaker Oats True Delights. G calls them his special treats.

If you are a mom that is just about to start the lunch-making process, or you’re just in need of some fresh ideas, please do yourself a favor and check out these two sites:
Weelicious.com is chock full of kid-friendly, earth-friendly, and mostly figure-friendly recipes.  This site will simultaneously make you love your kitchen and hate yourself.  Why will you hate yourself?  Because the site is run by Catherine McCord, a model-turned-chef who just seems to do everything right when it comes to feeding her kids.  She even gets them to help her cook!  I BEG AND BEG Garrett to come into the kitchen with me, but he absolutely refuses.  It’s probably because I’m not a model.  Regardless, Weelicious has been a source of inspiration and great recipes for me.  I love her ideas, her methods, and all of her yummy food pics.
Laptoplunches.com is another site that will have you reeling from all the fantastic food ideas.  It’ll also make you buy one of their bento boxes.  I have one for Garrett and we both love it!  Because of this box, G almost always has every single food group represented in his lunch, and they’re all neatly packed in individual containers.  He even adores drinking out of his thermos that fits right into the pocket on the outside of the carrier.  Laptoplunches is a great place for lunch inspiration because there are hundreds of photos of bento box lunch ideas.  You mean I can make a sandwich that looks like sushi?  I can pack carrot sticks with a separate container of yogurt dipping sauce?  I can pull out one of the boxes and throw in a container of apple sauce?  Up yours, paper bag!!  My son travels with a bento box!  (And I can put a sticky note on the inside that says “I love you”.  Actually, it can say anything but I’ll tell the teacher to say it says, “I love you”.)
I hope G has as much fun eating the lunches I pack him as I do packing the lunches he’s eating.  If not, I’ll know.  Because the leftovers always come home!
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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!
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4 Responses to “School Lunches!”

  1. Reply Bill says:

    Hey don’t forget us dads. I make three lunches every day, usually the night before so since mornings can be a little ‘rushed’ shall we say. But the point is I think you’ll find more and more dads out there who play a bigger role than they did even 10 years ago whether by making sandwiches, waiting with the kids at the bus stop, doing homework etc. So don’t be afraid to put a (or dad) next to the mom every once in a while.

    Love the site by the way!


    • Reply flawlessmom says:


      You are SO RIGHT! However, if I forget to put an (or dad) in, can you just assume it’s implied?

      There’s nothing in the world more valuable than a good dad. Thanks for being one.

  2. Reply Lanita Lenort says:

    I fully support all efforts to conserve, reuse and recycle – and it should be something that the whole nation should be doing – NOW!

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