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09 Oct 2010

Flawless Saturday Question

13 Comments Flawless Saturday Question

Well, it’s Saturday which means two things:

I’ll be taking a nap and not many people are reading blogs.

SO here’s a question for those of you who ARE reading this today: What makes you a great mom, wife, or friend?

Here’s an example: I’m a great mom because I slept on Garrett’s floor last night without him even knowing.  He was coughing a lot and I wanted to be close in case he needed me.  Awwwww, ain’t that sweet?

I want to hear anything you have to say.  Even if it’s, “I’m a great wife because I bring my husband beer and food while he watches college football” or “I’m a great friend because I like to listen” . Comment, tweet or call me if you have my number. But not while I’m napping.  I’m really tired from being such a great mom last night!