15 Oct 2010

Chili Recipe

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Okay, so I made this chili recipe and it was super good. So I made a double portion of it last night, and it was super good again. It’s basically two recipes I found that I put together and it’s super easy and delicious and I wanted to share it with you. Aren’t I super generous? Here it is:

Saute’ a chopped yellow bell pepper, half of a chopped onion and tbsp garlic in olive oil until soft. I actually add crushed garlic when there’s only about 5 minutes of saute’ing left to do.

add a splash of chicken stock to get up all the yummy stuff
put 1lb ground white turkey in with some season salt and garlic powder and brown.
add two cups chicken stock and stir.
add one can drained, rinsed kidney beans,
about 2 cups crushed tomatoes,
tbsp chili powder,
tsp basil
tsp oregano
tsp cumin
tsp or so hot suace
pinch of sea salt
add more stock and crushed tomatos if it looks too thick
simmer, uncovered at least 35 minutes or until it starts getting thicker.
add 1 1/2 cups frozen corn, a little more stock and a little more crushed tomatoes
simmer 20 more minutes

The first time I made this, I simmered for a total of about one hour. ┬áLast night, it was closer to 2 1/2 hours. I don’t think you can simmer it too long.

Russ grilled some turkey dogs, put them on whole wheat buns and topped them with the chili. I baked a box of corn bread (adding a tbsp of flax meal), and ate it in a damn bowl! Delish. Today we ate leftovers. It’s even better day two! Let me know if you try it!

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    Thank You for this recipe! It was easy and so good.

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