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16 Oct 2010

Flawless Saturday Question

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What is something (or what are some things) you do now that you never thought you’d do?

For example, do you skydive and you used to be afraid of heights? Are you a vegetarian now after years of eating meat?

Here are some things I never thought I’d do:

*Bake. I always had a huge aversion to it because it’s such a precise medium. Know what? It’s not that precise.

*Wipe pee off of the toilet and floor every day, several times a day, without blinking an eye.

*Wake up at 6:30 AM all the time.

*Clean the kitchen every night before bed. I used to not care at all. Now I can’t sleep with dishes in the sink.

*Tell a toddler I’m going to count to three and he better do (whatever it is) or he’s in big trouble.

*Write a blog.

I’m dying to hear what you have to say! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

16 Oct 2010

Toddler Senility Update

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Sara, one of my very gracious readers, posted this article in her comment. It’s interesting and helpful. I also find it FASCINATING that I jokingly made up “Toddler Senility”, but there really is something called “Childhood Amnesia”. Anyone else find that funny? Anyone?

And it’s absolutely insane that tonight in the car, OUT OF THE FRIGGIN BLUE, Garrett said, “Remember I had a Blue’s Clues birthday party?” That was his 2nd birthday party, over a year ago. And I know we’ve talked about it since then many times, but it’s been so long since anyone has brought it up. I just thought that was a wild coincidence. Of course, a toddler remembering things from his toddler-hood is not the same as him remembering it when he’s 10 or 20.

One last thing. You know how there’s always an amnesia story-line on soap operas? Well, I’d totally watch All My Children if it was actually about children who had amnesia and cheated on each other and did dirty business deals. Wouldn’t you?

What just happened?