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27 Oct 2010

Death of a Friendship

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When I was 15, I met a crazy, eclectic girl who was best friends with my beautiful best friend. We hated each other. For weeks we hung out, a threesome. The beautiful best friend in the middle, and the weirdo and me on either side. For the purposes of this post, let’s call the beauty “Beth” and the eclectic one “Zoey”. Zoey and I never spoke to each other unless we absolutely had to, which was rare. She would talk to Beth. I would talk to Beth. Beth would talk to us. I shared a locker with Beth, too. To this day I’m not sure why either of us were friends with Beth. She was only good at two things: Looking incredibly hot and belittling people.

One day Zoey found me in the Drama Department. “Lisa?”, she queried. “Zoey? What the hell are you doing in the D Building?” She wanted to know if I had a minute to talk. I did. She started, “Has Beth been acting weird to you lately?” I thought about it. “Yeah. She’s kind of been ignoring me and hanging out with (fill in beautiful, popular girls’ names here).” “Me too”, says Zoey, “What do we do?” We immediately decided, this girl and I who never spoke and hated each other for no reason, to move me out of Beth’s locker and right into Zoey’s. It happened that day. It changed everything.

Over the next week we became friends. We lived only blocks from each other. We had the same sense of humor. She was neat, I was a slob. She was a dancer, I was a comedian. She was Armenian, I was Jewish. She had huge, curly hair. Mine was straight and dull. She dressed like a gypsy. I dressed like Bill Cosby. She woke up early. I slept until noon. But we loved everything about each other, and we became inseparable.

Over the 21 years of our friendship, we became family. She was my sister, and I hers. We even called each other “wife”, and on my wedding day she told my husband he better be ready for two wives. We had months, even a year once, where we didn’t speak for one reason or another. Family is like that sometimes. Growing pains. But we shared everything. We spoke daily, either in person or on the phone, for hours. We shared clothes. We spent all of our weekend nights together. We held jobs together. We worked out together. We took a spa day at least once a year. We held each other in terrible times and laughed together in celebration. We also declared frequently that we were the cutest girls ever and that whoever didn’t know it was stupid. Read more