28 Oct 2010

Date Night

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I didn’t post today and it’s 11:22PM. I can still get it in under the wire!

The Husband and I went out without the Child tonight for the first time in MONTHS. MONTHS! We got a babysitter, (which I’m terrible at being okay with), left later than we meant to, hit traffic, and showed up 20 minutes late for our reservation at an incredible restaurant which we had to leave by 7:30 to make it to the show we were seeing at 8:00.  I was trying not to bitch, but I bitched anyway. “Our one night out and it’s already stressful! I don’t want to be stressed! I want to be relaxed. That’s the whole point of this! Argh.”

I finally took some deep breaths and decided to calm it down. Traffic eased up, we showed up to eat, we ate amazing food with incredible service and delicious wine. We made it to the show and enjoyed it. We even manage to talk about some things that had nothing to do with our son. Not a lot of things, but some.

At intermission I called the babysitter to make sure all went smoothly. She didn’t answer her cell. She didn’t answer the home phone. Then her cell. Then the home phone. Then the cell, the home phone and the cell. I panicked. Russ went in to watch the second act. I went into the bathroom with the phone. She finally picked up and told me everything was great. I took a breath, and went back into the theater.

We had a great talk on the way home. We held hands. We walked in the door and heard about Garrett’s night. Then, when the babysitter left, we went into his room to let him know we were home. That’s something my folks always did, no matter how late, whenever they came back from a night out. Garrett barely opened his eyes, said “I missed you”, and went back to sleep. He’s so dreamy.

The Husband and I need to take more time together, just us. It’s so rare that I almost feel pressure for it to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be us. And one of the coolest parts about it is the coming home to our son. I love being in this family. I feel lucky that I had a good date with my man. I hope he calls me for a second date soon.

How often do you get to go out with your spouse? What do you normally do on your dates?

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4 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. Reply Koch says:

    I haven’t seen “Date Night” with Carrell and Fey but this one ALREADY sounds more stressful and that one involved GUNS!

    Through my hives that have just broken out, allow me to say this was very romantically written.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      LOL! Horrible post, but I had to post!! RE: The Date… Can I ever just friggin’ relax??? Trying, I swear. Ended up being fun in the end. And no, I don’t mean that sexually.

  2. Reply Christine says:

    Bill & I do three date nights a year: his birthday in January, My birthday in February and our Anniversary in April. Which makes us both very cranky from May through December. I know we could go out at night more often. But, we are usually short on time, money and/or babysitters. And let’s face it, by tthe time we get through the day,we are both tired and are content to sit home on the couch with a drink, a snack and the tv.

    So we do have dates, but not at night. We have wanna go out for breakfast dates, meet me at the gym dates, lets get up 10 minutes early and snuggle dates, do you have time for lunch lunch dates, hey its been a while you wanna have sex dates, i could go for some ice cream dates, meet me at starbucks for a quick latte dates, lets go walk the dog dates and hurry up home, Kate’s still at a playdate dates.

    We find the time to connect over little things, so that everyday we feel like we’ve had a date. It might be a quickie date, a quasi date, a mini date, even a micro date, but its still a date. A moment just for the two of us, time to stop rushing throught he day and just look at each other, remember each other, be with each other, love each other.

    This morning was rushed, and we didn’t make time for each other. I’ll have to plan a date for today. Maybe it will be a date night. Maybe it will be a “Kate’s gone to bed early and I picked up a bottle of wine and some fabulous cheese, lets get tipsy and make out on the couch” date.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Absolutely perfect. Russ and I do the same thing. Not daily, but I’d say about four times a week. I think that’s so important. Garrett’s home from school today, so today’s date will be during his nap. Although I have to grocery shop, clean, go to the bank, do laundry, and write. Hmmm… Maybe we can just have a date while we’re sleeping. You know, in our dreams. (That doesn’t count?)

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