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10 Nov 2010

Big Boy… Crib?

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My kid is on his own time schedule. He does things when HE wants to do them. And we don’t push, because whenever he finally decides to do something, he does it very well. Speaking, he did incredibly early. Other things, he did… later.

Walking? 14 months. Potty trained? Three years. Big boy bed? Big boy bed? Um. He’s been three for two months. Big. Boy. Bed?

He’s not in one yet, okay?? We’ve had ┬áthe converter kit for six months. We’ve asked him, “You want a big boy bed, Garrett?” He seems content with the crib. “We can make your crib a big boy bed for your birthday!” Nah. Has he climbed out? Nope. Once, however, he did climb IN. And just like when he seemed to take forever to take his first steps, I’m GLAD! I am! I mean, when he’s able to get in and out of his bed, it’s over! No more waiting for him to call me in, he’ll just be standing at the foot of my bed, or lifting one of my eyelids like in that cereal commercial!

And forget about sex without locking the door! It’s bad enough we can’t get the damn DOG off the bed, I don’t need my kid walking in! (And, believe me, that’s the last thing HE needs!)

So, I’m just letting him take his own, sweet time. If he’s still in his crib at eight or nine, I’ll do something about it, alright? Oh, and as long as he’s in his crib, I have an excuse to use the monitor and listen to him talk to himself. When he’s in a big boy bed, there will be no reason for a monitor because he’ll just come and get us. And then where does that leave me? No crib? No monitor? Oh shit! A baby doesn’t live here anymore! There’s a little BOY in the house!

I’m sticking with the damn crib until he says otherwise. Back off. YOU HEARD ME!