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13 Nov 2010

Flawless Saturday Question

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Inspired by yesterday’s post and Thanksgiving, I want to know about a woman who you’re very thankful for. It can be your mom, best friend, aunt, teacher, etc. Think past or present. Feel free to list several, if you’re moved to do so. And, to make it extra special, have that person (if they are still with us) read what you wrote. Never underestimate the power of telling someone how much they mean to you.

My mom is amazing. She taught me the power of a smile and a hello. She taught me to never, ever break a promise. She admitted her flaws as I was growing up, teaching me the importance of imperfection. She is honest, sometimes to a fault. She is strong, sometimes to a fault. She always tells me the things I do that she admires. When I got married, she gave me a great gift. The night before the wedding, she and my father came to my hotel room and she said, “You’re getting married tomorrow. That means Russ is your family now. He comes first. Your father and I will never come between you, or ask to come before him. He will be your husband, and you will be his wife, and we will still be your parents. But we will not overstep our boundaries.” That still means the world to me. ┬áSince my dad passed away, my mom has been mourning with grace, great sadness, and great purpose. She expects too much of herself, to be okay too soon. But she listens when I tell her that. She is beautiful and flawed and funny as hell and I love her.

I’d like to mention a few others, but it might have to wait for another post, or I’ll add it here later today. Can’t wait to hear your answers!!