22 Nov 2010

It’s Me Against The Clock. The Clock Wins.

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I sincerely hate the person I am when I don’t get enough sleep. Garrett woke up at 5:45 this morning and I’m sorry , I don’t do well at 5:45. I begged him to go back to sleep but he just wouldn’t. Once this kid is up, he’s up. I feel like I’m a pretty worthless mom when I’m exhausted. Garrett wants to play and I just… Can’t. So I put the TV on and there he sat, watching “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”. It’s a funny movie, at least. So I’m helping to build his sense of humor.

After I had a cup of coffee, I poured myself some cereal and sat down on the floor next to him. I’d take a bite then I’d give him one. Then I’d take one, then he would. “Mom! We’re sharing!” Yes, we are! He put his head on my shoulder for a second then asked for more. I was starting to feel like a less-sucky mom. Then I wanted to get us dressed and get off to school. As I was getting my sweats on, he kept asking me to introduce him as different dinosaurs. We were whispering because Russ was still asleep. “Ladies and gentlemen… Supersaurus!”  Then he wanted to be a T-Rex. “Ladies and gentlemen… T-Rex!” Then a utaraptor. “Ladies and gentlemen…” you get the idea. Suckiness fading more.

Then we got him dressed in the outfit my mom just brought him back from her trip. It’s a great Spiderman shirt and sweat pants. The pants are big enough for him to pull all the way up to his chest, which he did. I started laughing so hard, I fell on the floor. “I’m you!”, he said. “You’re me?”  Then he started doing this hysterical walk, pants up to his chest, all around his room. We were both laughing hard.

Okay, so it ended up to not be a terrible morning. BUT, it still isn’t the kind of morning I like to have with him. Most of it was me trying to wake up and not whine, while he watched TV. And I hate that. It makes me feel guilty to send him off to school knowing we didn’t really play or crawl around or even really talk that much. But I can only do that stuff when I’ve had at least SOME freaking sleep the night  before. I can’t go to bed earlier than I’m already going to bed. That would leave me with no time to do anything. Ever. And I can’t wake up at 5:45 and be a decent parent, either. At least not the kind of parent I like to be.

I’m really trying to find a way to get him to stay in bed until 7:00, but so far nothing’s working. Next I’m going to try rewards. Maybe like if he stays in bed until 7:00 every day for a week, we can go to the zoo on the weekend. I know I’m not a bad mom. I know we all have our days when we’re counting down the minutes until our kids go to school. It’s just that I want to be as present as possible as much as I can. I owe that to him and to myself.

I also owe myself a big ass nap. But I don’t really see that happeing any time soon. DAMN YOU, 5:45 AM!!!!!!

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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  1. Reply Julie says:

    Not a mom, so take this with a grain of salt.

    He’s going to remember camping out in the living room with his mom and the fun time you had. He’s not going to be upset about the other stuff. Nobody in the world functions at 5:45 a.m. Except Martha Stewart.

    Nobody’s perfect. Well, nobody but Martha, and look what that got her. You’re doing just fine. I’ll bet G thinks so, too. I hope he’ll start sleeping a little more.

    When he’s clomping around the living room in his gigantic pants, making up funny stories with his mom and eating breakfast one bite at a time, he’s learning to use his imagination. He’s using his large motor skills. He’s expanding his vocabulary and getting one-on-one time. Mostly, he knows his mom loves him enough to blast herself out of bed at the crack and make him laugh while she plays with him.

    Every little kid should be so lucky

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      So sweet, Julie. Listen, I get that I can’t be perfect every second. It’s just… If you met this kid. He’s pretty spectacular. And I love our time together. So when I can’t rise to the occasion, I feel less-than-stellar. But I know you’re absolutely right. And clearly, even though you’re not a mom, you are very wise about these matters. Thank you.

  2. Reply Pat says:

    You’re a great Mom, Lisa. Garrett really is a lucky boy. And he friggin’ ADORES you. Because you’re doing a fabulous job. 5:45 or not.

    God bless you, lady!

  3. Reply Ange says:

    I don’t do mornings either

    But look I’m sure that garrett loves u rwhether ur half asleep or not!
    Kids forget it sounded like you were having fun at 5:45am seemed as if ur doing a great job!

    Don’t worry don’t stress over it too much

    Ps omg I was watching grounded for life and I saw u on there… I was like no way how cools that!!!! Just thought to tell u:) awesome job!

  4. Reply Myranda says:


    The image you painted of your boy walking around with his sweats around his chest gave me flashbacks to when I was a kid. Not that I walked around with sweat pants up to my chest but the whole parents-rolling-on-the-floor-laughing kind of thing! I used to walk around our living room doing quite possibly the greatest Steve Urkel impression (from Family Matters). I didn’t have the classes and I am a total white girl but I had the voice down and the snort and the “Did I do that?” down pat! Every time I did my impression my mom would just about pee her pants. Oh my goodness you should have seen my Myrtle Urkel impression…that was even better!

  5. Reply Ange says:

    Ur kidding it was on here today I thought it might have been recently…. Pretty good show huh? In this ep u were the guys boyfriend and he wanted to hide the fact he wasn’t a Jew and u were like I knew that just by looking at u… And than he turned around and dumped u… It’s not u it’s me… That is so funny

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