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02 Dec 2010


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Yesterday was one of those days that I wish I could carry with me always.

Garrett and I woke up together, finished watching The Princess & The Frog, played like crazy and got ready for school.

When we got to class, he was excited to be there. His friends ran to him, screaming his name. He wasn’t sad when I left.

When Russ and I got there to pick him up at 3:00, he ran to us, screaming our names. It was “circle time” and he performed for us and the kids still sitting for a while. We were all laughing. One of his teachers said he seemed “even happier than usual” all day.

When we got in the car, Garrett mock-whined “I’m thirsty.” I told him it was too bad I forgot to bring him a drink, as I handed him some ice cold lemonade. He smiled ridiculously big.

We drove straight to get Russ and I haircuts. Garrett sat and played with his dinosaurs SO PATIENTLY the entire time we were there, offering an occasional comment about how funny daddy looked with his hair all spiked, or how weird I looked with my hair in my eyes.

Then we headed to the outdoor mall where they were having a big Christmas tree lighting event!

At dinner, we all talked and laughed and wrote a letter to Santa to put in the special mailbox they have at the mall. Garrett asked for a dinosaur, a princess doll (yep!), a king doll for Daddy, and a special dog treat for Bogie. (I thought that was pretty dang gracious of him, frankly.)

Then he excitedly put the letter in the mailbox and we ran off to see the Christmas tree lighting.

The Sugar Plum Fairy just happened to be coming out at that moment, so Garrett told her ALL ABOUT the dinosaur robots we saw in Oregon last week (which was really in August). We snapped a couple photos for G’s school project where he has to have adventures with a grasshopper he brought home. Then he continued to chat her up until she had to go.

It was pretty cold, so Garrett decided he didn’t want to wait to see Santa or the Christmas Tree. He wanted to get ice cream and watch a movie at home. So we got ice cream and headed out.

At home we lit candles for the first night of Hanukkah. I did all three prayers, Russ did a pretty great job with them too. And Garrett tried valiantly to sing along.

He excitedly opened his cool toy doctor’s kit and examined every tool.

We watched half of his favorite movie for the 60th time. (Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs)

And then we put him to bed.

It was just one of those days where every simple thing works out. And every moment with your family is perfect.

It was a perfect day.