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03 Dec 2010

Things I Realized Today

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There are times when I literally can not keep my eyes open and I have to lie down for a one hour nap.

Usually, before a word that begins with a vowel, you use “an” instead of “a”. Like, “an apple” or “an orange”. But in the above sentence I realized that before the word “one”, you use “a” instead of “an”.

It’s possible to use too much mustard seed in homemade mac and cheese. But it doesn’t completely ruin it.

It’s more fun to buy things with other people’s money than it is to buy thing with one’s own money.

I enjoy returning things I’m not going to use almost as much as I enjoy buying things I am going to use. This is the only thing that keeps me from being a hoarder.

I enjoy doing dishes while wearing rubber gloves much more than I do without them.

I like making my mom laugh.

Sometimes, my mom says things she thinks she didn’t say. But she’s old, so I forgive her.

Men and women are very different and that’s never going to change.

I enjoy holidays more now that I have a kid.

When your son sees “Santa Claus” outside Carls Jr. spinning a big sign, he’s not going to believe you when you tell him that’s just some guy in a Santa Claus costume. He’s going to think Santa works at Carls Jr.

8:45 PM feels like what 1:45 AM used to feel like.

“Winter Spice” tea is really just apple tea. And doesn’t make me feel all “wintery”.

I am much happier when I don’t procrastinate.

There might be something to this whole comic book thing.

Once you start giving a kid gifts, he gets a little bummed when he doesn’t get a gift.

If you eat boiling hot soup before letting it cool down, you’ll need to ice your entire face for about thirty minutes

If I don’t get the peeling paint in my house fixed, I might have a nervous breakdown.

Cats don’t take medicine easily.

There’s a lot of stuff I know nothing about.

And that concludes my list of things I realized today.