06 Dec 2010

Give Santa Some Space!

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We’re trying to explain to Garrett that it might be a good idea for him to get rid of some of his “baby” toys to make room for the new toys that Santa will be bringing in a few weeks. It’s not going well.

How do you explain these concepts to a three-year-old? So far he likes the idea of “lending” them to a baby to enjoy for a while, but then taking them back when he wants them. Now you might say, “Oh, don’t worry. He’ll forget about it as soon as it’s gone!” And to you I say, “You obviously haven’t met my son.” Garrett remembers everything. You can get nothing past this kid. For example, we went to a place last week where, ONE YEAR AGO, Garrett threw some pennies in a fountain. Last week he said, remember when my pennies went in there? Okay? Get it?

So what do we do? We have a very, very small house. Very. And it is already overrun with toys of all kind. They’re not organized at all. I’ve tried, but it’s nearly impossible to get all the “costume-related” toys back in the “costume-related” toys bin, and the musical instruments back in the musical instruments bin and the dinosaur paraphernalia back wherever the hell it all goes. And I’ve completely overdone it for Christmas. He has so much coming to him. What have I done???

I’m only asking that he get rid of a small fraction of the stuff he plays with, just so Santa can bring him more… Stuff.  My mom says I should surreptitiously take the toys, but if you read the second paragraph you’ll know Garrett will notice they’re gone. Last night we may have threatened that Santa has no interest in bringing him anything if he doesn’t comply. He called our bluff. But I think I’m going to lay it on even thicker tonight: “I’m going to make Santa cookies, so I’ll be doing my part to make sure he comes. All he’s asking is for you to get rid of two or three of your baby toys.” Think that’ll work? Me neither.

I’m calling a contractor. We need a play room.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!
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15 Responses to “Give Santa Some Space!”

  1. Reply Ange says:

    Kids are spongers.. They never forget… It’s gona be hard.. Does he play with everything if he does than a prob? If not than u might might get away with giving some away? Good luck… Toys r here at home to with kids twins and all… I go crazy when there is a mess. I’m a nut case of clean issues 🙂 oh well hope u canbribe him some how. I luv buying toys for kids than I’m like already there’s too many… Startcleaning…

    Well enjoy ur day hopefully u can work stuff out

  2. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    I love that. I kept thinking about Clean house when I was reading it. Maybe you should invite Trish, Matt and Mark over to talk to him. They seem to convience kids on the show to give up stuff. It might not work but you could try. Good luck and please post how it turns out.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      He would just stare at them thinking, “why are these people in my house?” Then he’d make them play dinosaurs with him!! I’ll let you know!

  3. Reply Kristy says:

    Is there any way you can appeal to his generous side by explaining about all the children who have so little? At our preschool we talk a lot about families/children who don’t have enough food, clothes, etc and it seems to really work on them.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Great point, Kristy!! That was the first thing we tried, but it’s hard to explain that concept to a 3-year-old. He’s very empathetic so we will figure out how to make him understand. I’m going to keep talking to him. Thank you!!

  4. Reply flawlessmom says:

    Update: today I was at the eye doctor and got a candy cane when I was checking out. I gave it to G tonight and told him I ran into Santa who said that he’s been a great kid and it would be wonderful if he could give some of his baby toys to some kids who could use them. Then I left it alone. I’ll bring it up again in a day or two. I could see his wheels turning. He’s a good kid, this kid… Even if he decides to hold onto every single toy until NEXT Christmas. 🙂

  5. Reply AL says:

    It’s a tough concept even for adults when they have “outgrown” their favorite toys…sailboat, downhill skies, scuba equipment, golf clubs, pool table, camping “stuff”, all lovingly saved for “someday” when I have more time/get back in shape/retire!

    Good solution, if possible, would be to create more space while Garrett works on the concept of sharing/giving his favorites with others….making it his idea…brilliant!

  6. Reply Koch says:

    Rent me the suit and beard and I’ll come over.

    • Reply Mr. Bloomberg says:

      Oh please God in Heaven let that happen. I have got to see that.

      • Reply flawlessmom says:

        Guess we’ll all be gathering at the Arch house around 10:00 or 11:00 on Christmas Eve, when Old Saint Koch is taking a bunch of gifts out of a giant sack and putting them around the fireplace! We’ll wake up G and have him watch, bleary-eyed as it all goes down. And it WILL go down. I’m making sure of that now. Josh, you’ll be in charge of reindeer sound effects on the roof. Thank you.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      You better be available Christmas Eve around 11:00. I’m going to look at prices. You are so screwed.

  7. Reply Tracy K says:

    Brandon has elephant memory too, but every so often I box up old toys (either because they’re outgrown or just to rotate them) and he never realizes it because there is still so much crap. Plus I make sure never to box anything he’s played with in the last couple weeks. Maybe you could box it and put it in the garage for a week or so and see if he misses it before finding a permanent home. :).

  8. Reply Good to Give says:

    […] in December, I posted about how we were trying to get Garrett to get rid of some things to make room for the toys that […]

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