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08 Dec 2010

Holiday Poem

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Twas the last night of Hanukkah when all through our sty

Not a latke was eaten, we opted for Thai.

A fun trip to Target was had by we three

In hopes that some shopping would be done by me.

The child went crazy and ran ’round the place,
While visions of spending dough flew past my face.
And pappa in his polo and me in my jeans,
filled up the cart with a list-full of things.

The lady at checkout, she scanned and she scanned,
while pappa and Garrett walked off holding hands.
And into the cart, in what seemed like a flash,
Flew bags-full of crap for which I owed cash.

I pulled out my wallet and my Target plastic
And then noticed something strange and fantastic.
I finished my shopping, it hadn’t been hard,
And used my cool coupon for a Target gift card!

My Christmas list finally finished, I said,
“Let’s get you home G-Man, for it’s time for bed.”
We ran to the car, we like doing those things
For all of the laughter and joy that it brings!

And once we got home, he finished a movie
About DINOSAURS! Now, isn’t that groovy?
He asked for a waffle, for hunger was nigh.
I’m pretty sure this kid is not thrilled with Thai.

As Dad brushed G’s teeth and got him all ready,
I walked to the kitchen and held myself steady.
The sink was still full with some dishes you see,
The dishwasher also was feeling hungry.

So with everything clean and a song in my head,
I kissed my sweet son as he headed to bed.
Then ten minutes later arose such a fright!
We hadn’t lit candles for this, the last night!

I tiptoed so quiet into Garrett’s lair,
And asked him to join us in one final prayer.
He nodded with pleasure to get out of bed,
And listened as the last “Baruch” was said.

His eyes-how they twinkled, reflecting the light!
His cheeks were like roses, he was truly a sight!
With one last, big kiss that he had for his Pop,
We walked back to his room. In his bed he did flop.

With that it was over, no more dreidel to play,
To be honest, we hadn’t at all anyway.
The gifts were all given, the candles all lit,
Our eight crazy nights were all done. That was it!

And now with our stockings all hung up with care
and holiday songs filling the once-quiet air,
We move on to Christmas and the joy that it brings,
We’re lucky we celebrate two special things.

But let’s not forget the heart of the season,
To be grateful and humble is really the reason.
To be close with all of our family and friends,
And pass on traditions which never will end.

I couldn’t feel luckier. Me and the boys,

Know all of this nonsense is much more than toys.

It’s all about being with people you love ,

Whether with a menorah, or white beard and gloves.

And if this poem’s confusing to you,

The point is my son is half Catholic, half Jew!

Happy Last Night of Hanukkah!
Merry Christmas!