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05 Jan 2011

What Goes On Behind The Scenes

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A couple of my twitter friends shocked me the other day by saying they had no idea that I didn’t wear my own clothes on TV. At first I thought they were kidding, but they really hadn’t known! I just assumed everyone knew all the “magic” that went on behind the scenes before anyone steps in front of a camera. But they don’t. And that is why I decided to explain some of the tricks. Here is a day in the life of a television personality when said personality is working on a television show. (I’ll use myself as an example since, you know, I’m writing the blog).  I shall use Clean House as an example, but it occurs on every show.

A week or so before the show I have a wardrobe fitting. The fitting takes place at either my home, a store, the mall, or an office where producers are available to give opinions. If no producers are present, the stylist takes digital photos which are then emailed to said producers for approval.

Here are the things that have to happen at a fitting: After the stylist has tirelessly shopped for cute things, I have to like the way I look and feel in them. She also has to like them. The producer has to like them. The other wardrobe stylist has to have clothes for the other hosts that somewhat coordinate with the clothes we picked. Sometimes alterations are made. Sometimes different sizes are purchased. Then the stylist finds great jewelry, belts and other accessories to go with what we’ve picked.

Following so far?

Now let’s say we’re a few days from shooting. This is when I get all insecure about my eyebrows, my arms, my pale skin, and my zits. So I usually get a spray tan, an eyebrow wax, any hair treatments or trims or color or facials, or whatever else I need. And I try to stay away from a lot of wine and salt. I usually fail.

The day of shooting often starts out very early. I usually wake up around 5:00 AM just to get rid of any puffiness, relax with some coffe, and gear myself up for the day. When I get to set I have more coffee and usually some kind of breakfast sandwich or fruit, or both. Depending on the show, I’m either in a dressing room or a trailer with a couch, a vanity, a bathroom, and an area to get dressed. Sometimes it’s enormous and glamorous. Sometimes it’s nasty.

Then the makeup starts. Whoever has the “pleasure” of doing my makeup is usually in for it.

Think of a makeup artist as a very talented bartender, whose job it is to not only talk to you and make you enjoy your morning, but also to take your dark circles, acne scars, pale skin, and zits and turn them into something pleasant to look at… You know, instead of pouring drinks. He or she must transform you into the prettiest you you can be, all while hearing, “How much longer?” from the assistant director or production assistant, (AD or PA).

Getting my hair and makeup done usually takes anywhere from an hour to two hours. Then I put on my wardrobe and walk my fine ass onto set.

I’m trying to think of what else you would want to know. SO, here’s how we’re going to do this. If you have any questions about what goes on in the exciting (cough) world of movies and TV, ask me. I’ll do my best to answer. And if I don’t know, I’ll ask someone who does.

Kisses! (Just trying to be “Hollywood”).