10 Jan 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

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Here are my favorite G quotes from the last two days:

After going #1 in his pants (just a little), he asked me to take him to the potty. “Mom! I peed in my underwear a little!” ┬áMe: “Oh! Did you do it on purpose?” Him: “No. I did it on the couch.”

When I told him he’s a nice person, he said: “I’m not a person! I’m a man!”

“Dad, I’m not having a hard time. I’m having a soft time.”

To the kangaroo at the zoo: “Don’t worry, little kangaroo. I’ll protect you. I’m going to come back later and check on you.”

Upon waking up from his nap: “Mom, we’ve got to go back to the zoo so I can protect the kangaroo!”

“Dad, you can be my age. And I’ll be your age. And then Bogie will be your age and Mommy can be my age!” Us: “That’s a really good movie pitch.”

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

3 Responses to “Kids Say The Darndest Things!”

  1. Reply AL says:

    Collect and keep these in a protected place, they become even more priceless as time goes by. Nothing sweeter than the observations and wisdom of our children as they decipher the universe!

    As a very young girl I thought the most wonderful thing in the world would be to have someone (alien, caveman, pioneer) suddenly appear in modern times and to be able to be their guide and teacher….I didn’t realize then, having my children (and grandchildren) are my life’s wish come true!

    I’m so happy you are able to savor each and every moment! Kangaroo and all!

  2. Reply Tracy K says:

    So awesome! Don’t they just crack you up! B’s teacher told me that he say down next to one of the girls in his class last Monday and said “So Eden, how is your day at school going?” (For those who don’t know, he’s not quite 3).

    Aaron’s Grandma used to write down all the funny things his sister would say on her message machine when his sister was just a few years old. Grandma gave her the pages and pages of quotes when he turned 21 or so. We all had a good laugh listening to them!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      That must have been hysterical! The things he’s been saying lately… It’s too much. But if we wrote down all the good stuff, we wouldn’t have time for anything else!!

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