29 Jan 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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How did you meet your spouse or significant other?

If you don’t have one of those, how did you meet your closest friend?

I told the story quite recently, so I won’t go into great detail, but I met my husband when I was acting on a show called Mad TV, and he was in production. The first time we met there were no sparks. Second time? He thought I was kind of a disaster. And vain. But he also thought I was cute. And I thought he was, too. Third time? Sparks. Fireworks. Wedding dresses dancing in my head. After that, we didn’t spend much time apart. Moved in together within five months. He asked me to marry him a year and a half later. The rest is history.

Now, this question is extra special to me because I LOVE STORIES ABOUT HOW PEOPLE MET! So talk slowly. Give me details. GO!

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

18 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Joe N. says:

    My partner, Robert, and I met in an online chat room via America Online. After talking via instant messaging and on the phone for a few months, we decided it was finally time to meet face-to-face. I flew down to Los Angeles and he greeted me at the airport. He was just as handsome and funny as he was online and on the phone. We went out to dinner, he showed me around his neck of the woods, I met some of his family members and then it was time for me to leave a few days later. It is now about 7 years later and we are still together. Something tells me it must be love. 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      That is so crazy and awesome. It’s amazing how many successful relationships I know of that started online! You must’ve been so nervous flying to L.A. to meet him. What a great story!

  2. Reply Maegan says:

    Blackjack table. Vegas.
    He made my toes tingle the first time he kissed me, the night we met.
    I lived in MI at the time, attending Michigan State Univ. He lived in San Clemente. When he told me he was from San Diego I about died. A year and a half later, I graduated with my MS in Kinesiology and moved to Encinitas with him. Another year and half and we get engaged. Another year and a half, we get married. Two and a half years after that and we have Maggie, almost two years after that, Jayna. Family complete.
    He’s my best friend and the best man ever! I wrote him a little homage here ( http://bit.ly/e8K7yk ). I feel lucky all the time that he loves me as much as I love him.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      THAT IS FANTASTIC!!! I knew you were a woman after my own heart… BLACKJACK table in VEGAS! YES! And he waited a year and a half for you. That’s a good man. Nice work, Maegan!!

  3. Reply Michelle says:

    Lisa, you asked for it.

    I was married the first time in 1986. He was okay. I loved him but I wasn’t “in love” with him. We celebrated our 15th anniversary right after he turned 40. Yes, he had a MAJOR mid-life crisis. We decided we’d move to FL (we lived in MD) so he was looking for a job down there. He came home from a job interview in FL 2 weeks after our 15th anniversary and announced that he was moving to FL but I wasn’t going with him. He didn’t want to be married or with anyone anymore. Fine. My first reaction was, “How am I going to pay the bills?” Yep. That was my first and only concern. We had pretty much led separate lives anyway. Without getting too personal, we were rarely intimate. I had been married since I was 21 and with him since I was 19. Now that I was getting divorced, I wanted to go out, be single, and “have fun” with a lot of different men – something I’d never done before.

    I went online because I don’t drink and didn’t like going to bars which was one of the few places to meet someone new. I met a few men online and went out with 2. The first one was 40 and had never been married. Our first date was dinner and it felt like it would never end. I would have sworn that it was the longest dinner date in history (at least 3 hours). When I tried calling my “safety friend” to let her know I was okay and the date was over, she was online (this was the days of dial-up). It took me almost an hour to get in touch with her. It turned out that the date was only 45 minutes long. Forty-five LONG minutes. He called and asked me out again so I went figuring that I’d give him another chance. MISTAKE!!! Another longest date from hell that was under 60 minutes long.

    The other guy . . . well, he said he was 5′ 10″-6′. NOT! Not even with platform shoes! I am 5′ 7 1/2″ and I towered over him with flats on. We went out anyway. He was okay. We went out a few more times before I invited him over. Yep, he was going to be “the one” that I “had fun” with for the first time in forever. He came over and cooked dinner for me (he used to be a chef). First, he didn’t wash his hands when he arrived – he just started cooking. GROSS!!! Then, after dinner, we were sitting on the sofa watching a movie and the SOB fell asleep!. Okay . . . maybe he’d had a long day. BUT, then came the incredibly loud, stinky, smelly farts. That was it! After a few of them, I woke him up and kicked him out. We never went out again.

    I kept trying, though. I found a man who sounded interesting. He was a single father of twin 6 year old daughters who had full-time custody of them. We emailed for a few days before I gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone often as well as still emailing. Just emailing him made me incredibly happy. Talking to him put me on cloud 9. He was amazing. At the time this was going on, I was trying to switch jobs and I had been interviewing for an amazing job. It was down to another woman and me. He asked that I call him as soon as I found out. I called him and said, “Hi.” His reply: “I’m sorry you didn’t get the job. It is their loss.” I then pointed out that I hadn’t said anything other than hello and I had NOT told him that I didn’t get the job (which I didn’t). He said, “Yes, you did. Didn’t you?” That is when I knew he was someone special. We met for the firt time, face-to-face, a few days later. From the initial email contact to meeting face-to-face was just around 3 weeks. We met for lunch but never did order any food. We were too busy talking and just staring/looking/smiling at each other. We saw each other as much as we could which wasn’t as often as we would have liked. I met his daughters a week later. One of them was sick and she leaned against me in the restaurant and fell asleep. My heart melted. A week later, I went to his home. The other daughter asked if I was going to be their new mommy. WOW! I got out of that one but it was tricky. LOL

    We moved VERY quickly and I moved in within a month of that. We were married 7 1/2 months after our initial contact. We have been married for over 8 years and have been together for 9 years. Those twins will turn 15 in February and we had a (pleasant) surprise daughter 4 years ago. The twins are legally mine, too! He has given me everything I always wanted but never thought I’d have. A man who loves me how I want and need to be loved, flaws and all. He has also given me 3 wonderful daughters. I was 41 when my biological daughter was born and I thought I’d never have a biologicaly child, which was okay with me because I was the twins’ mother.

    So, in a nutshell, there you have it.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      THANK YOU FOR THE DETAILS! Wow. What a story. I love what you said about him giving you everything you ever wanted but never thought you’d have. Very powerful.

  4. Reply Andy says:

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  5. Reply Laura says:

    On the commuter train in Philadelphia. We saw each other every day for several months. One morning he sat next to me, we started chatting and we are still chatting 19 years later! 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      19 years later!! How awesome that he got up the nerve to sit next to you after all those months. I’m swooning!

  6. Reply elizabeth says:

    I picked him up in line at a bar (the old West End in Santa Monica). Thought he was the most beautiful guy I’d ever seen. After several drinks his friends bought that night, I gave him my number on a piece of paper and said “If I give you this will you call me?” He said he would. I didn’t realize he was far more inebriated than he appeared. He had no idea my name and had to go to the bathroom to read it off the paper. I guess it worked…12 years and 1 kid later 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Oh! So THAT’S how the gorgeous people meet!! I’ve always wondered. I can’t believe you met your husband at a bar!!! SO crazy. So perfect. I remember you telling me about your boyfriend all those years ago. Man, time goes by so fast.

  7. Reply Sherry says:

    I was the maid of honor at my best friends wedding and he was the best man. My friend was actually marrying our teacher. I had to wear hi heels for the first time, so I asked if the best man could help me walk down the aisle. I was already afraid to be in front of so many people, so I didn’t want to fall flat on my face in front of everyone! He helped me walk down the aisle and then asked me out that night. Two weeks later, he asked me to marry him. We waited a year and then got married. We will be married 20 years in June. Damn I’m not that old! 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      TWO WEEKS??? Damn, girl! I guess moving fast isn’t always crazy! Congrats on 20 years. Holy cow. That’s awesome.

  8. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    We meet in 1968 at Mittersill Alpine Resort in NH. Tony was a night Auditor and I was a maid (housekeeping). I was going through a divorce and I thought he was so kind and so loving. On March 1 1969 we were married. It has been up and down but almost 42 years later and four sond later qe are still together. For those of you who look at my home page will see I have only 3 kids listed. Brett was our little angel. He was only with us for 3 months. We lost him to SIDS in 1974. That is our story. We now live in Texas and have thought about going back to NH but right now it is snowy and cold. I sit here on Jan 30th with the windows open. It has been in the 60’s today. Right now it is 56. I think we will stay in Texas.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      I’m so sorry about you losing your son. I can only imagine you still think of him all the time. That is wonderful, though that you’ve been married 42 years! Everyone has ups and downs, I think. But if you can weather the storms and stay together, that’s pretty special. Wow. 42 years.

  9. Reply AL says:

    1966. College registration dance at beginning of winter term. Tall, muscular, blond guy wearing a jacket with an emblem from the US Waterskiing Championships asking me, a tall, skinny, non-descript girl to dance. I refused (nicely) as it was a slow dance. He came back when the music cranked back up. Asked for another dance, I declined, saying I was with friends and we had an agreement not to abandon one another at the dance. (It wasn’t that I didn’t like him, he just wasn’t my type…I went for the tall, dark and handsome guys…and this one was a jock to the extreme degree!)

    At the end of the dance, he found me again, asking if he could walk me back to my dormatory. I agreed only because the girls I had come with had “other” plans to go to a party following the dance with guys I didn’t know (or want to). During the walk he asked if he could see me again and I told him that although he seemed like a nice guy, I wasn’t interested as I didn’t think we would have much in common and that he needed to go look for a tall, curvy, scandanavian skier type…and I had a friend who fit that description if he was interested. He declined, saying that he REALLY wanted to take me out..I told him that if he wanted he could meet me with my friends for dinner at the commons (dorm cafeteria). He agreed, met at the commons the next day, sat with about twelve of us, to this day, I can name every person at the table and when I get to his space, my mind skips it and goes to the next one! I wasn’t being mean or rude, just trying to be honest with this Greek God type that I just thought he was wasting his time as I had my eye on one of the “tall, dark, long-haired” types 🙂

    Long story shortened…he became what would now-a-days could only be described as a stalker! I wore me down, showing up after classes to walk me to the next one (even when that meant he would have to sprint accross the campus to make his class) would lurk in the general area if I was walking or talking to another guy…finally I agreed we could “try” dating….(the tall, dark handsome boy found a bleached blond with inflatables)..what was a girl to do? So…we were married June 14, 1969…he went to Viet Nam for 24 months…(for our first anniversary, a favorite nephew, was born) and when he came home, we started our life together….raised a family and here we are, contemplating our next few decades (God willing) together! I Thank God that someone in this relationship knew what they were doing!

  10. Reply flawlessmom says:

    I NEVER KNEW ALL THAT! He’s a persistent bugger, ain’t he?? WOW! How’d he know you were the ONE if you never gave him the time of day? That is what I call knowing what you want and going for it! (Or stalking it. )
    What a fun story. Why are all of your stories so much fun? You guys amaze me.

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