31 Jan 2011

Yelp, “Triple D”, and Me

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So, The Boys and I went away for the first time in quite a while. Usually when we go anywhere, it’s to Oregon to see my husband’s family. And, although it’s always extremely enjoyable, we really never go away to just… Go. This was a vacation. We were there for our friend’s father’s 80th birthday party (which was awesome, and an honor), but we tacked on extra days just for fun.

Apparently, “fun” for us is actually “food”. And what has solidified us as people who seek out food for fun? Two things:




Where to begin?

Yelp has been an obsession of ours for a couple of years now. It has changed the way we find places to eat, it has made us more adventurous, it has encouraged us to eat at places we never would have tried, and we love it!! We tried, and LOVED, a sushi place in Sherman Oaks that we would have NEVER gone into (it’s attached to a seedy motel and looks like crap from the outside).  When I was working and (my whole family was) staying in Fishkill, NY we spent the weekend in Manhattan and found a lovely, small restaurant called Westville. Their menu was written on a chalkboard and included all kinds of local, organic produce. It was fantastic. On the drive back to Fishkill from Manhattan,  we found a Thai restaurant in the middle of Westchester County when we were STARVING. Before Yelp, we probably would have stopped for some crappy food right off the freeway. But yelp allows us to find new places and read all of the user reviews. It’s been right about 90% of the time. I think that’s a pretty great percentage.

On our trip to New Mexico, we stayed one night in Albuquerque. We had no clue where to eat dinner so we immediately logged on to Yelp. We found a restaurant called Ezra’s Place which was upstairs in a bowling alley. It sounded kitschy and interesting and, according to Yelp, it’s owned by the chef at Sophia’s, which was the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives place we were going to try the next morning. We were not disappointed. The service was fantastic, the food was really good, and the atmosphere was exactly what we were hoping for. Plus, there was a guitar-playing singer who was providing the perfect background music. And after we ate, Garrett bowled a game. It was great.

The next morning was our first “Triple D” breakfast on our trip. I’ll post about all of the great “Triple D” places next.  I’ve been a user of Yelp but not a contributor, until recently. I’m now trying to rate and review the places we eat because it’s only fair. Yelp has been so great for us, and I want others to benefit from my experiences as well.

By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post. No one has ever sponsored any of my posts. Except my husband. He pays me the big bucks to mention him a lot. Like just then, in that last sentence. I just earned five bucks.

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2 Responses to “Yelp, “Triple D”, and Me”

  1. Reply Mother-in-law says:

    I love “Triple D”, watch it all the time even down in Mexico. Enjoyed “Yelp” places you and Russ have found for us to eat at. Now the real problem comes in when the “Lose It” and all that food watching and eating try to share the same mind and body. It just isn’t working for me.
    Guess lose the “Lose It” plan.
    Any suggestions!!!!!!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Mom, I figured out the trick. During my five days in New Mexico, I pretty much ate everything I wanted, within reason. There was very little I didn’t allow myself. Then the day I got home it was right back to Lose It. For me, it’s all about picking back up right where I left off instead of letting things get too out of control. It seems to be working pretty darn well!!

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