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03 Feb 2011

Yelp, Triple D, and Me Part 2

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My family and I have now eaten at several Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives places. We’ve been very happy with most of them. Less than enthused with some. But it remains intriguing to us to continue to try all that we can.

In Portland, Oregon we’ve tried Pine State Biscuits (blah), Bunk Sandwich shop (very good), and Byways Cafe (OH MY GOD). My favorite by FAR was Byways. The blue corn pancakes were INSANE and the biscuits were the best I have ever, ever had. It was one of the best breakfasts ever. Period.

In Los Angeles, we’ve tried The Oinkster and Polka. Polka was full of personality and the service was great. But I wouldn’t rush back. The Oinkster remains a place we go whenever we want to be really bad, and have it taste really good. If you don’t get the pulled pork sandwich, you are missing out.

In New Mexico, we hit the mother load.

On our way out of Albuquerque, we stopped at Sophia’s for breakfast with our friends. This place is tiny. You order at the counter then sit down and wait for your food. There’s a giant “Triple D” poster on the wall. We sat right underneath it. I ordered the vegetable omelet with carnitas inside. It came with a salad, crispy potatoes which were well-spiced and delicious, and toast. The coffee is self-serve and GOOD. The breakfast was INCREDIBLE!! Garrett’s french toast was perfect, and Russ’ breakfast burrito was to die for. The friendly (AND FAST) service made the experience amazing. This is a place I would eat at all the time, if it was in L.A.

In Santa Fe, we ate at Harry’s Roadhouse and The Tune-Up Cafe. Both were exactly what I had hoped for. At Harry’s I ordered the scrapple that I saw the owner make on Triple D. It was SO GOOD. Garrett ordered the buckwheat pancakes with blueberries. They were the kind of pancakes I dream about.

At the Tune-Up Cafe, I got a delicious, but boring breakfast because my stomach wasn’t used to all the food I’d been eating. Russ got an INCREDIBLE breakfast burrito with ranchero sauce that he’s still raving about. This is another one of those places where you order at the counter and they bring it to you. There are a few individual tables and the rest is family-style seating, where you share a table with other customers. Again, the service was fantastic and the food was perfect. Great place.

So, Guy Fieri is batting 1000 in New Mexico, as far as we’re concerned. Of course, we didn’t try all the places he went to… But the ones we went to were great!