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07 Feb 2011

I’m a Princess

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No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I mean, yes. I’m that kind of princess, too. That’s been established. But now, I’m a real princess. The kind with a wand. And I talk like Glinda the Good Witch.

Garrett has been handing me pens and sticks lately and asking me to be a princess. So I do it. And he’s either Garrett or a super hero or some other guy and we save people together. It what we do. At home.

Last night I was at a superbowl party and Russ and G-Man were home having their own party. I called at 7:30 to say goodnight, and G said, “Mom, be a princess.” So I told him I would do that first thing in the morning. “NO! Be a princess NOW!”

I was sitting with four or five other people and I felt my face turn bright red. It was like when you first start dating someone and they say something sexy on the phone and you don’t want to say something back because your embarrassed around others. It was just like that. Only it was my three-year-old son and he was asking me to be a princess. I swear I am not a blusher. But I was blushing. I ran out of the room to try to find some privacy, but there was someone in the office and someone in the guest room.

So there I was, in the hallway, on the phone with my son, speaking in a high-pitched vibrato saying:

“What did you have for dinner, Garrett?”

“I’m Robin.”


“I’m Robin, Princess.” (Robin, as in Batman and Robin)

“Oh, I apologize. What did you have for dinner, Robin?”

“Macaroni, a sandwich and Jell-O”

“That sounds delightful!”

“OK, Princess. Goodnight! I’ll give you back to Russ.”(Garrett calls us by our names when he’s in character.)

Then Russ got back on the phone and the flush started leaving my face.

It was one of those moments that you can only have if you’re a parent. Or a girl making sexy-talk on the phone with her new boyfriend. You know… One of those moments.