13 Feb 2011

Working. Mom.

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It’s Pilot Season, which means a bunch of new shows have been bought by the networks, and they’re now auditioning for all of the roles. Every pilot season, actors audition their BUTTS off and hope for that one break that could totally change their life, or at least give them enough money to live on for six months.

Unfortunately, most of the roles are immediately offered to big celebs, which leave actors like me on the sidelines. But I look at pilot season as a chance to hone my skills, get new casting directors to see me, and possibly book something on a show.

I also recently started going back to auditioning for commercials. I stopped doing it when G was born because it’s a tad annoying, a lot of driving, and a lot of time spent for very little return. But if you book a few TV ads, it could mean some monetary breathing room for a little while. And, if you book a campaign, it could mean GREAT exposure.

There is other business news on the horizon, but nothing I want to mention just yet.

For about six months, I’ve been home with my little man and I’ve been loving every freaking second. On Thursday I kept him out of school and we went to the aquarium in Long Beach with my brother and G’s cousin. It was a great day. I felt “free”. I feel like it’s about to get quite busy for a while, and Thursday I had nothing scheduled. As usual, I was very aware of how short of a time I have with Garrett as a toddler. In a couple short years, he’ll be in real school and I won’t be able to keep him out whenever I feel like it. I’m so in love with being G’s mom, I wish these years could go on and on. But I do look forward to being his mom at every phase… From toddler to teen to his thirties and beyond.

I feel like I’m about to learn a lot about being a “working mom”. I just pray that I get to do it all: Work at the career I’ve chosen, and still be completely present and available as Garrett’s Mom. I hope I’m not being delusional. Because the last time I had a full-time job as a mom, it was very painful. And the hours were out of control. I am making a vow to not let that happen again. I will be the BEST I can be at both things. But I won’t let my career get in the way of my LIFE.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!
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10 Responses to “Working. Mom.”

  1. Reply Tracy K says:

    As soon as you figure it out, write a book and you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams! I struggle with the balance EVERY day and I work from home. Every woman I have ever known that works and has a child struggles with the constant management of balancing everything. For me, truthfully, if we could afford it, I’d ditch my career in a second and be “just” a full-time, stay at home mom (even if my kids do drive me crazy at least 47 times a day). But, that’s not the reality (at least until we hit the big Lotto), so the struggle continues…let me know when you finish your book, I could really use it.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Tracy, I don’t think there really is a perfect balance, do you? I think we just have to do the best we can, knowing that we’d drop EVERYTHING to care for our kids. I would. I certainly know you would, too. But to be able to do both (or even one or the other) perfectly? Impossible. But I know you and I get pretty close!!! 😉

  2. Reply Alice says:

    Hearing you talk about your little guy makes me jealous! Jealous of you and of the old me because I loved every second of it when my kids were still at home and I miss it! Now I have one in high school, one in middle and one in elementary. How is it that they are getting older and I’m not, though? Huh, crazy.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Alice, that IS crazy!! May I borrow your secret potion? Yes, I am ever aware that this time is fleeting. He grows daily, and I know kindergarten and elementary school are just around the corner. I cherish these days. I really do. And that’s why I want to miss as little as possible!!

  3. Reply David says:

    Fuckin’ A, Lady! (This is in response to the very end of your observation.)
    Keep everything in perspective, and keep going for the gold!
    However, please, PLEASE continue making your family your highest priority, because everything else is truly water under the bridge.

    Hang tough, and be strong!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      David, that is the plan for the rest of my life. My man and my son are always, and will always BE, my first priority. Thanks for the support!!!

  4. Reply Camesha says:

    you just described my dream. to be able to do it all and be the best at it is so hard…. especially in the entertainment industry! i keep plugging away though. best of luck to you in making it work!

  5. Reply flawlessmom says:

    Thanks, Camesha!! As I said to Tracy, we can’t be perfect. We can only do the best we can do. And as long as we keep what’s important in the forefront of our minds and hearts, it will all work out. 🙂

  6. Reply Brandie says:

    I think you’ll rock it and do fabulously!! Best of luck with all the auditions! =)

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