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17 Feb 2011

Here’s what goes on…

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I’m wondering if I should start posting short blogs about my schedule for those of you interested in what goes on with “the business” (from the perspective of someone who’s “in” it, but not “big-time”).
For instance, today I have an audition for a guest star role on a Disney show. I’m reading for casting directors who have cast me before, (In Hannah Montana and Cory in the House), and it’s for a very fun, physical-comedy-type role.
This morning I’ve been going back and forth with agents and my manager about a deal we’re trying to negotiate.
All while waking up at 6:15, feeding myself and my son, showering, putting on makeup, playing games at with G-man, getting him ready for school, taking him to school, and working on my audition.
I’ll leave here in 20 minutes, drive down town, audition, come back home, do laundry, clean the kitchen, and pick G up with his play-date from school.
And that, (if all goes as planned) will be my day.


So, my audition went very well BUT there were a lot of very funny, talented women (most of whom I recognized) going up for the same role.

I came home to find out I have a session at Vh1 tomorrow to do one of their “list” shows, ie: “40 Greatest Hair Bands”. Yes, I did that one. I also have an audition for a pilot tomorrow. A drama. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone out on one of those.

I have two hours to go over my lines for the audition and some of the research for the Vh1 show before I pick up Garrett and his friend from school. I’ll do the rest of my work after he goes to bed. OH! And I did a load of laundry!! (Patting myself on the back.)

Keep in mind, except for one week in August it’s been DEAD for me for over six months. It’s been a glorious time of me at home with my men. And now, all of a sudden, I’m thrown back in the thick of it. I think telling you all about it will help me see if I’m doing an okay job of balancing everything, or not.