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22 Feb 2011

Come on… It’s not THAT great here!

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My son does not want to sleep somewhere else. Period. Sorry. Ain’t happening. To be completely honest, he doesn’t even love being home if Russ and I aren’t here. But he does a pretty good job. Sleeping elsewhere however… Nope.

This puts Russ and I in the position of never being able to stay out very late or go away for a night (GOD FORBID) without feeling incredibly guilty OR caving in and bringing Garrett home.

So what do we do?

Saturday night we had a party to go to, so Garrett went to his cousins’ house to SLEEP OVER. He had a blast, ate a huge dinner, played the night away… But would not even entertain the notion of falling asleep at their house. By 10:45, 10:45 people!, he was still nowhere near the big zzzzzz. As a matter of fact, he was trying to get the entire family to do aerobics. Don’t ask.

So, we did what we’ve done once or twice in the past. We picked him up on the way home. Here’s the problem. I don’t want to FORCE him into doing something he’s not comfortable with and I don’t want to force my bro and sis-in-law to be the bad guys who make him sleep over. What, oh what, is the solution?

If you have any past experience with this, I’d love to hear your insight. One of my ideas is to make it way less desirable to sleep at home. You know, play loud 80’s hair band music right outside his door, give him lumpy pillows and take away all his blankets. And send him to bed without dessert. I mean, that’d make ANYWHERE else seem dreamy, right? Right???

Aw, poop.

22 Feb 2011

Tuesday, February 22nd Update

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Okay, just got home from my audition.

Picture me in skin-tight, black jeans, knee-high, high-heeled boots, a funky t-shirt, crazy jewelry and hair in pigtails. And my glasses. They wanted “quirky” so I gave it to them.

Lovely girls in the waiting room. We all looked alike but we each had a different take on the character. Then a gorgeous, blonde actress I know walked in. She looked perfect. Glasses, blue tights, cute dress, hair up. She’s also very talented. She’s beat me out on parts before. But she’s one of those women I’m happy for if she books the job. She’s good people. So it’s okay to root for her.

The session was getting way behind. My appointment was at 11:30 but I wasn’t seen until 12:15. A girl who had just come in from NY and was going in right before me, offered to put money in my meter on her way out. That was lovely. Good Karma points for her!

I went in feeling confident and I did a good job. I got the sense, however, that I’m not going to be called back for this one. I can usually tell by the energy in the room if I’m going to get a call back or not. The worse times are when I don’t do my best and it’s my fault I’m not getting called back. This was one of the times where I felt very good about the work I did, but I think it’s just not meant to be.

I got home just in time to give G a kiss before he went down for his nap. He’s home from school today with a low-grade fever. This is a good day. Good audition, lots of support, tons of love from my boys. I’m a lucky girl. A quirky, lucky girl.