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26 Feb 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What would you like to rant about?

I can’t stand thoughtless people. Whether it’s in the car, a store or a Starbucks, I think thoughtless people make me angrier than anything else. (I mean, besides useless violence and tyrannical governments.)

I feel like people are getting more and more consciously thoughtless.  I used to frequently think that people were just rude sometimes without meaning to be. Maybe they were just busy, or had something on their minds, or were in the middle of something awful. And I do think that happens sometimes. But I think that, more often than not, people are PURPOSELY thoughtless, self-involved, and just plain rude. And it makes my blood boil.  Here are the main offenders:

People who speed up when you put your blinker on, just so you can’t get over.

People who drive in the bicycle lane so they can pass you on the right when the light turns green.

People who cut in line. Anywhere.

People who walk by others who obviously need help.

People who don’t open doors for others.

People who don’t thank you for letting them in front of you in traffic, holding a door open, or stopping to help.

Last week I was making a left and, as the light was turning yellow, the guy behind me honked so loud it scared the crap out of me. Had I made the left when he honked, I would have been hit by the truck that ran the red light coming toward me. I knew he wasn’t stopping, which is why I didn’t turn. I was angry for at least two hours after that. The guy cared far more about his life than he did about anything else, even the possibility of someone doing something very dangerous. Pure thoughtlessness. When it happened, my heart was pumping so fast, I was sweating, and I screamed at him at the top of my lungs. It took everything in me to not follow him.

I am making it a huge priority to do little niceties for people every day. I am trying to let more people in in traffic, I’m smiling more often at people who look like they need a smile, I’m making sure to hold the door open for people. Yesterday I let someone in front of me in line at the grocery store because he only had a few items. He was so grateful, and it was such an insignificant gesture. He must have thanked me seven times. And I bet he did something nice for someone else. I really do believe that if we can all take the time to be a little kinder, it could make a difference in the world. Maybe I’m stupid. But I’d rather be stupid than thoughtless.

Now it’s YOUR turn! Rant, friends!! I’m all ears.