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14 Feb 2011

Best Valentine’s Day Ever

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I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day. I’m not a fan of forcing someone to be nice to me, or tell me they love me just because they’re “supposed” to.

The last V-Day that Russ and I actually “celebrated” was the first one we had together, 13 years ago. We went out to a nice restaurant, had champagne and mediocre food, terrible service, and an awful time. It probably cost a couple hundred bucks, which we didn’t have at the time. We were miserable and vowed to never do that again.

My folks, however, absolutely loved Valentine’s Day. It was the only day of the year that my dad would pick what my parents would be doing, and more often than not, they’d go out to dinner with two other couples and have a blast. My dad always bought my mom jewelry and she loved it. She never understood why Russ and I couldn’t get behind the holiday.

This morning I woke Russ up with a card I had bought him a couple weeks ago. I just thought, “Why not?” I took the opportunity to tell him one extra time today how much I adore him. I also put a card in G’s lunch, from both of us. He told me he was so excited when he opened it! This morning, I spent an hour and a half at school with G, having muffins and tea and playing with him and all his friends and their parents. That was pretty great. I came home from that to a vase of beautiful flowers and a card from Russ. All good. All really good. And much more than we normally do for Valentine’s Day.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my mom to join us for dinner on V-Day. As usual, she asked why Russ and I didn’t do something special, and as usual I told her we don’t like this holiday. She happily agreed to come over. Today I made a big casserole and put it in the fridge. My mom came over at 3:00, all dressed up and beautiful, and she and I picked G up from school. She played with him while I made a salad and some veggies and put the casserole in to bake. Then at 5:30, my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew came over. My sis-in-law had made a chocolate bundt cake and bought fresh berries. We ate, laughed, ate some more, laughed some more, and even cried a little.

Garrett played for hours with his cousins, who built a fort for him when he wasn’t looking. They ran around, played games on the computer, played Wii Fit, and hid in the fort. We all ate dessert, watched some of the Grammys I had taped, and we all cleaned up together.

When my mom got home, she called and said she thought this was going to be a very sad day, her first Valentine’s without my dad. But it wasn’t. At least, it wasn’t anywhere near as sad as she had thought it would be. That’s pretty great.

So I think we’ve started a new Valentine’s tradition. It’s a tradition of love. Russ and I tell each other and Garrett that we love each other 1,000 times a day. And we mean it every, single time. We also show it in ways I couldn’t begin to count. We don’t need a holiday to celebrate that. (Not that you’re lacking in love if you DO celebrate! More power to you!) But how cool that we got to celebrate the love of family tonight. I feel very blessed.

13 Feb 2011

Working. Mom.

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It’s Pilot Season, which means a bunch of new shows have been bought by the networks, and they’re now auditioning for all of the roles. Every pilot season, actors audition their BUTTS off and hope for that one break that could totally change their life, or at least give them enough money to live on for six months.

Unfortunately, most of the roles are immediately offered to big celebs, which leave actors like me on the sidelines. But I look at pilot season as a chance to hone my skills, get new casting directors to see me, and possibly book something on a show.

I also recently started going back to auditioning for commercials. I stopped doing it when G was born because it’s a tad annoying, a lot of driving, and a lot of time spent for very little return. But if you book a few TV ads, it could mean some monetary breathing room for a little while. And, if you book a campaign, it could mean GREAT exposure.

There is other business news on the horizon, but nothing I want to mention just yet.

For about six months, I’ve been home with my little man and I’ve been loving every freaking second. On Thursday I kept him out of school and we went to the aquarium in Long Beach with my brother and G’s cousin. It was a great day. I felt “free”. I feel like it’s about to get quite busy for a while, and Thursday I had nothing scheduled. As usual, I was very aware of how short of a time I have with Garrett as a toddler. In a couple short years, he’ll be in real school and I won’t be able to keep him out whenever I feel like it. I’m so in love with being G’s mom, I wish these years could go on and on. But I do look forward to being his mom at every phase… From toddler to teen to his thirties and beyond.

I feel like I’m about to learn a lot about being a “working mom”. I just pray that I get to do it all: Work at the career I’ve chosen, and still be completely present and available as Garrett’s Mom. I hope I’m not being delusional. Because the last time I had a full-time job as a mom, it was very painful. And the hours were out of control. I am making a vow to not let that happen again. I will be the BEST I can be at both things. But I won’t let my career get in the way of my LIFE.

12 Feb 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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One of my first FSQ’s was “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

Now I would actually like to know:  What do you do for a living and what do you love or hate about it?  And YES I’m including  STAY-AT-HOME MOMS in this discussion!!!!!

I’ve pretty much been a stay-at-home mom for the last six months and I’ve truly loved every second of it. But now it’s pilot season and I’m back to auditioning for commercials and I’ve got some other exciting stuff happening (which I’ll tell you about as soon as I can). So, it looks like I’m kind of back to work. My goal is to do it differently this time around, and to balance motherhood and work as well as possible. I’m not giving up my most important job, which is being a mom. (Its also my favorite job.) More on all of this later. For now, I want to know what YOU do!!

07 Feb 2011

I’m a Princess

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No, it’s not what you’re thinking. I mean, yes. I’m that kind of princess, too. That’s been established. But now, I’m a real princess. The kind with a wand. And I talk like Glinda the Good Witch.

Garrett has been handing me pens and sticks lately and asking me to be a princess. So I do it. And he’s either Garrett or a super hero or some other guy and we save people together. It what we do. At home.

Last night I was at a superbowl party and Russ and G-Man were home having their own party. I called at 7:30 to say goodnight, and G said, “Mom, be a princess.” So I told him I would do that first thing in the morning. “NO! Be a princess NOW!”

I was sitting with four or five other people and I felt my face turn bright red. It was like when you first start dating someone and they say something sexy on the phone and you don’t want to say something back because your embarrassed around others. It was just like that. Only it was my three-year-old son and he was asking me to be a princess. I swear I am not a blusher. But I was blushing. I ran out of the room to try to find some privacy, but there was someone in the office and someone in the guest room.

So there I was, in the hallway, on the phone with my son, speaking in a high-pitched vibrato saying:

“What did you have for dinner, Garrett?”

“I’m Robin.”


“I’m Robin, Princess.” (Robin, as in Batman and Robin)

“Oh, I apologize. What did you have for dinner, Robin?”

“Macaroni, a sandwich and Jell-O”

“That sounds delightful!”

“OK, Princess. Goodnight! I’ll give you back to Russ.”(Garrett calls us by our names when he’s in character.)

Then Russ got back on the phone and the flush started leaving my face.

It was one of those moments that you can only have if you’re a parent. Or a girl making sexy-talk on the phone with her new boyfriend. You know… One of those moments.

05 Feb 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What is your favorite thing about your home?

I’m asking this question for a very specific reason. My husband and I bought our house almost seven years ago. We were so proud of the fact that we were able to buy a home. It’s a small house, and there are a lot of things we compromised on based on what we could afford, but it was ours. Our son is being raised in this home. We laugh a lot here. It is a happy home.


There are a lot of things that bother me. There is chipping paint, old, hard-wood floors that need repairing, no driveway (and no prospect of one). We need more lighting in the kitchen, we need more closet space, we need bigger bathrooms, and frankly, we need new furniture and curtains. Oh, and the laundry room is outside of house and teeny.

Today I was doing some laundry and spraying Garrett’s clothes with a stain remover. I was squatting between the laundry basket, the washing machine, and the water heater and I thought, “GEEZ THIS ROOM IS FRIGGING SMALL!!” Then I immediately thought, “BE GRATEFUL. BE GRATEFUL. BE GRATEFUL!!!!”

I have a home. I have a beautiful family inside this home. I am beyond lucky. And if this is the only home we ever get to own… We are beyond blessed. Even if we were to lose this home, and had to move into the tiniest apartment in Los Angeles, we’d still be blessed! So, whether you rent or own, I want to know your favorite thing about the home you live in. I’m hoping it will remind you to be grateful for having a home. I needed to remind myself today.

03 Feb 2011

Yelp, Triple D, and Me Part 2

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My family and I have now eaten at several Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives places. We’ve been very happy with most of them. Less than enthused with some. But it remains intriguing to us to continue to try all that we can.

In Portland, Oregon we’ve tried Pine State Biscuits (blah), Bunk Sandwich shop (very good), and Byways Cafe (OH MY GOD). My favorite by FAR was Byways. The blue corn pancakes were INSANE and the biscuits were the best I have ever, ever had. It was one of the best breakfasts ever. Period.

In Los Angeles, we’ve tried The Oinkster and Polka. Polka was full of personality and the service was great. But I wouldn’t rush back. The Oinkster remains a place we go whenever we want to be really bad, and have it taste really good. If you don’t get the pulled pork sandwich, you are missing out.

In New Mexico, we hit the mother load.

On our way out of Albuquerque, we stopped at Sophia’s for breakfast with our friends. This place is tiny. You order at the counter then sit down and wait for your food. There’s a giant “Triple D” poster on the wall. We sat right underneath it. I ordered the vegetable omelet with carnitas inside. It came with a salad, crispy potatoes which were well-spiced and delicious, and toast. The coffee is self-serve and GOOD. The breakfast was INCREDIBLE!! Garrett’s french toast was perfect, and Russ’ breakfast burrito was to die for. The friendly (AND FAST) service made the experience amazing. This is a place I would eat at all the time, if it was in L.A.

In Santa Fe, we ate at Harry’s Roadhouse and The Tune-Up Cafe. Both were exactly what I had hoped for. At Harry’s I ordered the scrapple that I saw the owner make on Triple D. It was SO GOOD. Garrett ordered the buckwheat pancakes with blueberries. They were the kind of pancakes I dream about.

At the Tune-Up Cafe, I got a delicious, but boring breakfast because my stomach wasn’t used to all the food I’d been eating. Russ got an INCREDIBLE breakfast burrito with ranchero sauce that he’s still raving about. This is another one of those places where you order at the counter and they bring it to you. There are a few individual tables and the rest is family-style seating, where you share a table with other customers. Again, the service was fantastic and the food was perfect. Great place.

So, Guy Fieri is batting 1000 in New Mexico, as far as we’re concerned. Of course, we didn’t try all the places he went to… But the ones we went to were great!