05 Mar 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

19 Comments Flawless Saturday Question

What’s your favorite way to pamper yourself?

We all have those times when we just need to get away, whether it’s for an hour or a weekend.  Last week I was lucky enough to spend two hours at a spa for a massage and a cat nap. That was pretty dang great. But on a daily, more realistic basis, I tend to steal a moment here and there to recharge.

Sometimes I’ll come home for a second (or third) cup of coffee after dropping G off to school. The ten minutes I take to sit, have some joe, and relax are often just the thing I need to start my official day.

I find lately that my most favorite “me-time” is when I take a half hour to exercise. Whether it’s running with our dog, Bogie or boxing and hula-hooping on Wii Fit, or doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD… Taking that time for myself has become an almost imperative part of my day. Since I’ve been doing it, I’ve gotten more done during the day than I ever have before. It’s made me far mor productive, less tired, and a lot more motivated to get things done. I’m even waking up more refreshed.

I never thought I’d be one of those people who “need” to exercise, but I am now. And the gift of giving myself that time, and all that extra energy, has been priceless.

And one more favorite way I have to take a little time to pamper myself is something I used to do ALL the time, but now it’s very rare: take myself out to lunch. It’s such a luxury to sit with a book or  magazine, order what you want, sip some tea or coffee and eat. And breathe. I’d like to do it a little more often, but I’ll take it when I can get it.

So.. What is your favorite and most effective way to recharge your batteries? (You might be giving others a great idea, so please share!!!!)

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19 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Michelle says:

    You know, I don’t remember. B.C. (Before Children) I liked to read and take long baths. Right now, with 2 teenage daughters and a 4 yr. old daughter, there isn’t “me time” but once kindergarten starts, I’m hoping to find some. I’ll be interested to read what others say.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Michelle, you HAVE to take SOME time for yourself!! Just ten minutes a day? Even if it means just stretching and breathing or having a cup of tea. You need it. (Don’t you?)

  2. Reply Sherry says:

    I like to go and shop for an outfit or go to a bookstore and order a hot chocolate and read at my leisure. At home, I love to get my iPod out and dance to my music for 20 minutes or so. I switch it up for what I need on that day. Maybe a ten minute snuggle with my too cute dog. Another is watching a show/movie with my son that you know will make him giggle like the kid he is. It’s the little things in life that make everyday worth living. 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      So great, Sherry. Thanks for sharing!! I love the whole “dancing by yourself” thing. That’s so awesome. And I agree. There’s something so perfect about watching your kid laugh. It’s renewing. 😉

  3. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    Pamper myself? What is that? Lets see, On Saturday and Sunday’s while NASCAR racing is on tv and foot ball when it is on I get to come into my home office alone and play on the computer. I read your post and sometimes answers them, I play farmtow, farmville, fish world, Super Slots all on facebook. That is my R&R.

    For energy, I do not drink coffee or tea, I take 3 or 4 5-hour energy drinks a day and drink 3 or 4 pepsi Max when I have the pepsi. I don’t buy it all the time due to the price. Craig only sleeps 3 to 4 hours aday. I need something to keep me a wake when he is awake. Every where I go Craig goes. I enjoy spending time with him but sometimes I would love to just go to the mall or Walmart alone. But then I would have to use the walker since my legs don’t work to well. When Craig is with me I push him in the wheel chair.

    I am trying to get Craig back in to day rehab and then I will have 5 1/2 hours to my self. I am hoping to get some crocheting in. I can crochet while watching the DVR. Since Nov Craig has been with me 24/7. I am hoping he does ok going back to the center. We will see. You are right we all need time for our selves. 24/7 is a long time.


    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Yes, Norma, 24/7 is too much for anyone. I’m glad you at least get R&R on the computer. I hope you get a few hours of your days back soon.

  4. Reply Koch says:

    When I am able to take some time for myself, which is ALL THE TIME, I like to enjoy some wine or champagne with blackberries or iced tea with lemon (no sugar) and watch a crazy movie with some incense lit and a red light bulb on… or sometimes I take a walk with my pug and my Nano… or sometimes I go to the gym with The Howard Stern Radio Show on my Android… or sometimes I work out with my Bob Harper DVDs… or sometimes I just take a long shower for the hell of it… or sometimes I say “screw exercise, who’m I kidding, I’m NEVER gonna be thin and beautiful” and take myself to a decadent lunch or breakfast or… sometimes I chill out on my balcony with a great book or a graphic novel… or sometimes I like to just sit at my desk and draw or come up with some weird idea and shoot a video or… go on Facebook… or sometimes I like to go sit on my roof and gaze at the stars like I’m a teenager again… or sometimes–

    Wait a minute. Have I been OVER-pampering myself?

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Yes, Koch. YOU HAVE!! Start taking some time out from taking time out for yourself. You need a break from your breaks. How about a little “other people” time? You’ve had plenty of “me” time. See you Friday. But NO FUN for you!

  5. Reply Megan says:

    Funny this is you FSQ today because today, for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long I had a massage! Both boys (3-1/2 and 3 months) were sleeping and hubby was home so I went to a local walk-in place. Never been there before and I left feeling as though I’d been walked over by a small army, but I needed it soooooo badly…this week was migraine city and my muscles were like concrete!

    A more usual way to pamper myself would be to treat myself to a coffee or meal alone with a book. Reminds me of my previous life when I got lunch and coffee breaks…even though the work was not nearly as much fun! But the alone time, even just 20 minutes can turn Psycho Mommy back into Fun Mommy 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Megan, maybe we’re psychically connected!! Good for you for getting that massage. So great. And yes… sometimes 20 minutes is all we need.

  6. Reply Allison says:

    What “Me Time”, lady? That went out the day I had those extra drinks in Hawaii & made Syd. When I actually run away from the house w a rare break u can find me at Coffee Bean w my phone up to my eyes & sipping away looking like a lost soul in bliss! Very few times out of the month I get that 45 minutes to myself. B.C. was a dash into Coffee Bean w long lunches w girlfriends ( no longer have those) & LONG shopping days for stuff & food on my watch. Now, not enough hours in the day. So, I take the 45 minutes w bliss 

  7. Reply AL says:

    Yoga! The short time spent alone, or with yoga enabled friends, a nice herbal tea, a ten minute sesson of centered breaths (not breasts) and I’m good for whatever the day brings! Once you get the hang of it, the energy and tension released is nothing short of a miracle….one that you can create, for yourselves. The electronic fog we live in, (yes, me too) saps our energy, I believe, more than the daily stress we must find a way to live with!

    Can I manage it everyday? No. But it is not hard to find a few minutes to do some cleansing breath work….while you are driving, or stuck in traffic….rejuvenates your brain and your body.

    A few years ago, I was taking care of both of my in-laws, for several months, in our small home. The physical needs of caring for a severe diabetic with congestive heart failure FIL and a MIL with the latter stages of Alzheimers…plus running our business…not the best of times, and I was fading fast. I was literally “on duty” for 20 hrs a day and every waking moment was spent with some aspect of their care and believe you me, that is when you find out just how strong you are. No time to go for massages, or any of the other, important distractions that can help us stay whole..

    I remembered my college days, yoga classes and how much I felt they helped me then, so I started again. It does not have to be a big deal, just some simple stretching with some time to center your thinking on yourself, learning to close the insistant world outside…it is truly a gift to yourself. Just saying.

    Whatever you do….know taking those few minutes each day…more important than anything else you may think is more important!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Well AL, you’ve managed to surprise me AGAIN! I had no idea you were a Yogi! I try to do some poses on Wii Fit occasionally, but I need to get into a class someday. I always feel more “open” and calm after I’ve done some yoga. But I rarely allow myself to slow down enough to do it. You might have just convinced me to make it happen!

  8. Reply Laura says:

    I have a pajama day. I spend the day in my pajamas, with movies, books, magazines, a big pot of coffee and some Oreos! It happens about once a month, but it always makes me feel better and recharged!

    My one small indulgence every day is taking the time to enjoy my coffee before I start the day. I pick up a cup from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks, close the door to my office and just savor that first hit of caffeine. After about 15 minutes, I am ready to open the door and face the day.

    I also buy a bunch of flowers from my favorite cart on Monday morning. They last the week and make my office more cheerful.

    It really is the small things that make a difference. Everyone should always take time out to do something for themselves. If you take care of yourself, you are in better shape to take care of others.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Laura, I find this to be extremely impressive. You’ve carved out some rituals for yourself that are really about you treating yourself well. I think that is so fantastic. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pajama day!! I might steal that idea. So good.

      • Reply Laura says:

        Steal away Lisa. It never faills to make me feel better. And the beauty of pajama day is that you can share it too. Every few months, the hubby and I take a day off in the middle of the week and have a shared pajama day. There is just something so decadent about watching a movie in your pajamas and eating popcorn in the middle of the day while everyone else you know is working!!

  9. Reply Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him says:

    I’ve been getting really wistful about the early days lately…we’re at the 7 year marriage point, which Leann Rimes proved is a calamity.

    And I just realized that somehow my comment is showing up under the wrong section….YOU GET IT THOUGH!

    I loved the post – and yes, 50% does fall out in labor. The other 50% is a slow trickle.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Yes, I do get it. You’re too tired to move your comment to the right section. 😉
      I giggle heartily at your 7 years from atop the perch of my 12th anniversary fast approaching. Ha!!! Xo

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