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26 Mar 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Sometimes I want to sit down at my laptop, type “Flawless Saturday Question” in the title box, and have this be the post:

What’s your favorite color?

I mean, you’d have an answer, right? You’d either say, “Blue” or “Red” or my personal favorite… “Orange”. Yes, I really like orange. And it’d be an actual question. But it wouldn’t really get you thinking. It wouldn’t inspire you or make you smile. It might make you laugh and say, “Oh, Lisa. You’re so silly!” Which in some ways is good enough. But I like making you think.

So how about this instead:

What’s your favorite recent purchase?

Oooh, yeah baby! That’ll get you thinking!! I mean that is INSPIRING!!  Well, it’s a question. So shut it.

Yesterday I took G to the toy store at the mall after school because he had Christmas money left over from Grandma Farm. He’s been fantastic at keeping his side of our deals lately, so I thought he deserved a new toy (that was technically already paid for by someone else, if you see where I’m going.)

We spent over an hour at the store. He checked out every single item. Every wind-up toy. Every sticker book. Every dinosaur and shark. Every puzzle. Every instrument. I was excited when he was leaning toward the cat-piano-thingy. But then he kept looking.

He ended up in the super-hero aisle and he laid his eyes on the one bit of Iron Man paraphernalia he didn’t yet own. It’s a giant helmet that lights-up and talks. He wanted it.

“Garrett, come on! You have so much Iron Man stuff!”

“I want this.”

“What about the piano?”

“I want this.”

I asked him about thirty more times. His mind was made up. We were spending his money, not mine. He got it. (And I had a coupon!)

Well, he loves it. And he’s excited about it. And I’m very happy for him. I haven’t bought myself anything in a helluva long time, so I thought this story was the most apropos.  So let me live vicariously through YOU, dear Reader, as you tell me what you’ve bought yourself recently that you just absolutely love. And talk slowly. I want every detail.