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02 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Tell me about your pet!

Your childhood pet, your favorite pet, the pet you hate… Tell me about it!

I grew up with dogs. We always rescued them from our local shelter so I grew up knowing mutts, the best dogs in the world. (My friend Koch would disagree, as he has an extreme fondness for Pugs. So do I. And he knows how to pick ’em! But I’ll always have mutts.)

My first dog Penny, a collie mix, could say “I love you” if you asked her to.

Shadow was a white dog with a black face, an Australian Shepherd mix,  who hid among my 119 stuffed animals, looked at me with all the understanding in the world, coddled me when I cried and cocked her head disapprovingly when I was mouthy to my parents. The day we had to put her down, my dad cried like a baby. We had a big family meeting about mourning and love and loss.

Max was a Labrador mix who pushed his head against the front of his cage when we saw him at the shelter. He didn’t move a muscle, just followed us with his eyes every time we walked past. We knew he was ours immediately. Day one, he was part of the family. Sitting on our laps, thinking he was much smaller than he was, barking loudly at anyone who dared to knock at the door then wagging his tail wildly when they entered. He was our best friend. He sat with my grandma for HOURS on end as she pet his head and drank a cocktail. He matched our emotions, made us laugh, and licked our tears. He was an unbelievable pet.

Russ and I got Bogie at the pound seven years ago when he was four months old. He was our first baby. We showed pictures of him to our friends and family, we held him in our arms, we spoke to him in high-pitched voices and applauded all of his tricks. The night we brought Garrett home from the hospital, he woke up crying in his bassinet around 1:00 AM. Bogie, who was on the bed as usual, let out a sigh that said it all. It was a loud, long, human sigh that made Russ and I laugh our asses off.

For a while there, Bogie took a big back seat around here. It was hard to give him anywhere near the attention he had gotten in the past. But it never made him love Garrett less, and he took his hits gracefully. Now that we’ve had several years and Garrett is way more independent, we’ve been able to give Bogie his due again. He and G are playmates and they love each other.  We go for long family walks, and we have a blast.

Of course, Bogie is still a pet. If we go on vacation, Garrett comes with us and Bogie stays home. But we know what Bogie means to this family. He’s part of what makes this house a home. He is unwavering in his love and devotion. He is part of the glue that makes us stick. We adore him. And I’m so glad G is growing up with a dog to love.

So what about you? Do you have, or have you had, any special pets?


Mere moments after posting, Bogart barfed all over the couch and carpet. I SWEAR!!!! It took Russ and I 25 minutes to clean it all up and it took everything in me to not delete this post. Dumb dog.  😉