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04 Apr 2011

Hello, Richmond!

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So I guess I’m leaving on Saturday to go to Richmond, Virginia to shoot Clean House Messiest Home. Yup.

Russ and G were supposed to come with me but then Russ got work and needs to be here, AND I saw my work schedule and it looks like I’m not going to have any time off to hang with them so… Now they aren’t coming. Yup.

So I’m going to be away from my boys for 12 days. Yup.

(I’ve discovered saying “yup” after each sentence keeps me from crying.) (Yup.)

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to war or to work in the coal mines. (Although I will be in a sincerely filthy home, which is similar to a coal mine. Canaries dying, and such.)

Oh… Yup.

I was gone 8 days last year when I was shooting a Clean House in New Jersey. And it was hard. But the blow was cushioned by the W Hotel I was staying in in Hoboken, and the 4 minute train ride to Manhattan. And the shopping. And the food. Yup.

This time I’m staying in “Not a W Hotel”, about 8 miles from the nearest mall, in the middle of what seems like sort-of-nowhere. It’s going to be rough. And I can’t stop crying. Which makes me a big fucking baby. Yup.

And G was really looking forward to flying. And I’m not sure how to tell him I’m going alone. Yup.

DAMN IT! Glad I got that out. Yup.