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05 Apr 2011

Pick Your Friends

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G is three and has a nose-picking problem. Or maybe the problem is that he’s three. Either way, his nose is not being neglected when it comes to picking.

Russ did the old, “You can pick your friends” bit the other night. You know…

You can pick your friends.

You can pick your nose.

But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

The humor was sort of lost on G, but Russ kept saying it every time he saw G with his finger in his honker. Then he just shortened it to, “You can pick your friends.”

This morning as I was making G’s breakfast he picked a lovely buggar. I happened to see it as he was making it stretch between his thumb and forefinger. I ran to get a tissue and wiped it from his hand.

“NO!”, he yelled, “I picked my FRIEND! And she was really cute, too.”

I threw his friend and the napkin away and wiped off the remaining “friend” with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Poor thing. She never saw it coming.