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09 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 1

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Left my house at 4:45 AM after kissing a sleeping boy and an awake husband goodbye.

Wiped away tears in the car. Decided to be a big girl.

Got on a flight at 6:30 and, after a connection, landed in VA seven-and-a-half hours later.

Rented car. Ford Edge. Me likey. No one paid me to say that. Damn it.

Drove with makeup artist (and new friend) to hotel.

Grabbed some Mexican-(ish) food with new friend.

Stopped at Walgreens for some necessities:

Pump soap

Peppermint Patties

Possibly one Twix bar

Sparkling water

Flat water

Allergy medication

Possibly some small bottles of pinot grigio

Back to room. Read outline for show. Skyped for a half hour with my boys. I miss them terribly already. 11 sleeps before I go home. Put on some self-tanner. Yes I did.

Daunting task of a show ahead of me, starting in eight hours. Which means I need to be up in six-and-a-half hours, after only getting three-and-a-half last night. Which means my makeup artist (and new friend) will have some major dark circles to cover.

And now, to bed. After texting Russ to say goodnight. And reading a chapter of my book.

Day one. Glamorous, no?

09 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What makes you feel cozy?

I’m on a plane headed to Atlanta where I will then connect on a flight to Richmond, VA. I have a book, and I’m wearing my Uggs, leggings made of sweat pant material, a tank top, and a hoody. My iPhone is set to “airplane mode” but I’m still able to write and look at pictures of my husband and son. I’m drinking hot tea with cream and sugar.

I hate flying, so I try to have as many “comfy” things around me when I do.
At home it’s sweats, a tank top, or my robe and slippers. A mug of coffee or tea or a hot bowl of soup always make me feel good. A good book is a comfort. And, of course, a hug from my husband or son.
I’ll be without those hugs for 12 days. So a book and a mug will have to do.
What comforts you, or makes you feel comfy, warm, or snuggly?