14 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 5

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I got to sleep in yesterday, which was very nice but I was MORE exhausted than I had been the days before.

Got to the house, went through hair and makeup.  Saw the house cleared out.

Oh. My.

You would not believe this beautiful house.

And you wouldn’t believe how hard these movers were working.

And you wouldn’t believe the dust.

Throat hurt. It hurt to talk.

Worked 9 hours. Pretty short day.

Sushi with the girls.

Stopped at Whole Foods to get some healthy snacks.

Did I mention I’ve been eating like a COW????

Oh, wait. Cows eat grass and pretty healthy stuff.

Did I mention I’ve been eating like a… Person who eats a bunch of junk food every ten to twelve minutes?

Did I mention it hurts to talk?

This morning (day 6) I was supposed to do some press but the rest of the cast is doing it without me because I don’t want to lose my voice. (Or use it more than I have to.) We still have six more days of shooting.

I’m not sure if I’m sick or it’s just the pollen and the fact that I haven’t stopped talking for six days.

About to lie down and read a bit. Then it’s back to work.

By the way, I’m pretty sure I haven’t conveyed that I’m very grateful to be working.

Exhausted? Yes. Missing my family? Oh, yes. Sore throat? Yup. Grateful to be here? Absolutely.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

4 Responses to “Richmond, Day 5”

  1. Reply Michelle says:

    Hi, Lisa. Sorry you aren’t feeling well. I’ll bet it is the pollen. I am not far from you in MD and the pollen is horrible. My normally silver mini-van is green. My sidewalks are green. Everything is green from pollen. Ewwww . . . so, I, too, am suffering. The other day, I could barely see because my eyes itched so much. You are fortunate, though, because you only have 6 more days here. I’m stuck. LOL


  2. Reply Sara says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Michelle – think you can get some allergy meds? I just switched to a different OTC generic and I feel much less like my sinuses are going to protest and move out of my face (ew).

    Probably contributing to the tired as well…and everything else.

    Sorry you’re not feeling well – hope the sunny weather helps a bit! (and that it is sunny today in Richmond – it finally is here in DC).

  3. Reply Carla says:

    Hi Lisa! I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Its allergy season 🙁
    Did you bring some tea?
    My favorite snacks here lately are oriental rice crackers and sesame sticks from Trader Joes. They are so crunchy! I had them in the car on my drive to Burbank last week:)
    Feel better! and thanks for posting:)

  4. Reply Mother-in-law says:

    Drink orange juice, guess that only works against a cold not allergies. Oh well it’s good.
    Take good care of yourself because you will need all your strength when you get back home. I know a very busy boy will want a lot of attention when you get there.
    How many sleeps now?

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