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16 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Do you buy things at yard sales? Do you ever have yard sales?

Since I’m in Richmond filming the Messiest Home in the Country… I figured this was a fitting question.

I used to LOVE having yard sales. I’d even make coffee and buy donuts for my customers. I hated the haggling part. I could never understand that someone would walk away from something they really wanted because I asked for 50 cents, and they wanted to pay a quarter. I always stood my ground.

I’d rather give it to charity than sell it for nothing.

Clean House has sort of taken away my ability to do yard sales, kind of in the way “Mad TV” took away my love of costumes. I wore them too much in one year to ever want to wear them again.

I LOVE the Clean House yard sales, but I take my own stuff to Goodwill.

I don’t think I’ve ever made a yard sale purchase, but I have some friends who have gotten some treasures.

So… Are you a yard sale fanatic?

16 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 8

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Writing this, listening to the thunder and the tornado warnings. Warm from the margarita I just drank.

Just walked into my room thinking it was 8:00PM. It’s only 5:45.

This was a long day. Our crew has been working endless hours, and they don’t even have a bus to go to when they get a chance to sit down. IF they get a chance to sit down.

My voice is simply not holding up. I’m starting to sound a lot like Kathy Griffin. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Woke up at 6:00 AM. Every morning it takes a few minutes to really open my eyes. Good thing I set one alarm on my phone, and one hotel wake-up call. Smart.

In the shower at 6:10. Watched a little TV. G’s favorite movie was on: Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaur. Had to watch a few minutes.

Gathered my stuff and had breakfast in the lobby with the gals. I love the people I get to work with. I know I’ve mentioned that.

It was yard sale day. I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout. The weather is weird and Niecy’s not part of the show anymore. Neither are Mark or Trish…. So I thought some people might not come.

Oh my god. I was so wrong.

The crowd was HUGE. I couldn’t believe it.

Before we start shooting, Matt gathers the cast to rile up the crowd. HUNDREDS of them inside and many more outside. We do a chant. One half of the room saying, “CLEAN”, the other house screaming, “HOUSE”!

It’s goes on a few minutes. So great.

Yard sale opens and people come streaming in. The buying is insane, fast, and overwhelming… In a GOOD way.

People are giving more than we’re asking for because it’s for charity.

The Richmond people are LOVELY. There wasn’t one person I met who wasn’t kind, generous, and incredibly patient. They waited up to thirty minutes just to buy one item. Some waited longer for a picture or an autograph.

It was more fun than I had even hoped for. Non stop from 9AM to 2PM. None of us took a break. Too many people, pictures and sales. Best day yet.

Then, when everyone left and there was still stuff to shoot, I got so freaking tired I wanted to collapse.

Instead, I got a tad bitchy. Just a tad.

Then I got a drink and some BBQ, not to mention wonderful conversation. And met more delightful Virginia folks in line for food!! People TALK here. It’s a bit different in L.A.

And now I’m having tea.

I think a shower is in order. Some more tanning goop, and my pj’s and book.

Waiting to hear what time I work tomorrow.

Today was a great day. The people here made it so.

And we made a ton of money for charity.

More thunder.

4 more sleeps.