18 Apr 2011

Richmond, Days 9 & 10

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Last night I was far, far too tired to post.

Yesterday was a very long day.

It started out in the lobby for breakfast. There’s a man staying here who’s in his eighties and very, very Southern. He comes down every morning, in the same plaid shirt and tussled gray hair, to eat breakfast and talk to everyone.

I usually love talking to older people. They have such wonderful insights.

This guy, however, can not stop talking. He doesn’t even care if you’re listening. And I like a little peace in the morning. Just some cereal, some coffee, and some peace.

Yesterday was my breaking point. He followed me around as I made my breakfast, asking all sorts of questions and offering up anecdotes which seemed to have little or no connection. I pointed to my throat saying, “I have to preserve my voice because I’m losing it”, to which he replied, “Okay. I’ll talk. You just nod.”

I took my breakfast and practically sprinted to my room.

I then proceeded to work 12 hours.

Then we had a little party for the crew at the bar across the street from the hotel.

I hadn’t eaten in 8 hours so I, once again, stuffed myself with fattening foods:



pulled pork


fried zucchini

about 1/2 a beer

Nice work.

At the party I overheard a few other members of our crew talking about this “Southern Gentleman”. Apparently, he has quite a filthy side. I had only heard of his wife, kids, ministries and that he was writing his memoirs. These others were privy to him talking about sex, homosexuality, and the fact that he found my friend’s breasts to be quite attractive. Dirty old man.

Got about 6 hours sleep last night.

Ate in the lobby with my makeup and wardrobe friends and dashed for the door when we saw Truman Capote coming out of the elevators.

Spent the first 4 hours of work waiting for little things to be taken care of before we could shoot.

Took a peek at the house.


Shot reveal day for about 8 hours.

Wore a purple dress with 6-inch-heels and a very tight belt.

I wasn’t comfortable. But apparently I was cute.

Got back to the hotel and got to see my whole family on FaceTime as they sat down for Passover.

That was bittersweet. Wish I could be there, but was very glad to see them all.

Tomorrow we have a few Β things to finish. Then hopefully time for a dinner and one last sleep at the hotel.

Just got my call time for the morning. I’ll be waking up at 5:30AM. That’s a little more than 7 hours from now, and I’ve yet to shower and wash off all my makeup.

Oh, well. I’m getting used to being tired.

So anxious now to go home. And the really good news is, when Garrett wakes up at 6:00AM on Thursday, it’ll feel like 9:00AM to me!

2 more sleeps. πŸ™‚

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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  1. Reply Meri / mybelovedrebel says:

    Happy Passover! Next year in Jerusa…never mind, next year in L.A. for you!

  2. Reply Laura says:

    You are in the home stretch! πŸ™‚

  3. Reply Carla says:

    Almost there Lisa! You are doing so great!

  4. Reply Sherry says:

    Almost home!! Loved the picture of you and Matt. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

  5. Reply AL says:

    It’s time for you to grab Toto and click your heels together! TAKE ME HOME! πŸ™‚ So happy your time away wasn’t horrible and….you are done, girl! Giddiup on home! Yay!

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