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22 Apr 2011


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Wednesday at 5:48 PM, I got off the plane and walked as fast as I could toward baggage claim.

About 20 minutes prior, I had ducked quickly into the bathroom to see if I could do anything about the two pimples that popped up during my second flight, due to the 10 DAYS IN A ROW of very heavy makeup. Couldn’t they have waited until after my husband saw me for the first time in 2 weeks??

Figuring there was nothing to be done, I continued along my way.

At the end of the escalator stood my handsome husband with my beautiful boy in his arms.

They say kids change daily, and I swear it looked like Garrett had grown an inch and had become a college professor. As we waited for my luggage, Garrett charmed the executive producer of our show and met other fantastic folks I had worked with. He and I did some of our slo-mo boxing and were getting some weird stares.

In the car, G asked me to sit near him and even asked me to cuddle! That rarely happens. The car, by the way, had been washed and waxed. Nice.

When we got home, I immediately noticed it was spotless. Russ had spent a lot of time cleaning, doing laundry, shopping to stock the kitchen, and changing sheets. He and G had picked out some beautiful flowers for me, too.

Yeah, I have a pretty amazing husband.

The last two mornings, waking up with my family has been even sweeter than usual. G and I were up this morning alone for three hours, pretending to be bad guys fighting criminals, boxing, hanging laundry and laughing.

Now he and Russ are laughing and playing sword fight with baseball bats.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal for the Listen to Your Mother show. I can’t wait to meet all of these awesome women.

I’ll be working the next two weeks IN TOWN. I bet it’ll feel like an absolute breeze. And I’ll get to kiss my boys goodnight every night.

Counting blessings. This could take a while.