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23 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What intimidates you?

I had a read-through today for a show I’m doing next Sunday, called Listen to Your Mother. It’s a group of women (and one awesome man) reading essays they’ve written about motherhood.

I was a bit nauseous this morning and on my way to the rehearsal, nervous that strangers were about to hear me read what I had written. I was also worried that everyone’s pieces would be better than mine. Funny, smart, successful women intimidate me. Not in a way that makes me want to avoid them (thankfully), but in a way that makes me want to know what makes them tick.  I sometimes feel “less than” around them. I feel like I don’t do enough with my time, that I’m not ambitious enough, that I’m not… Interesting.

So I was a bit sick to my stomach on the way there. And then I decided to turn it around before I even turned the door knob. I decided that I’m also smart and funny, even if nobody else thinks so. I decided that I was asked to be a part of this group because I have something to offer, just like the others.

I decided not to be intimidated, but to be open. It was a good decision.

These women (and one awesome man) were talented and smart and funny. And I really enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories. I look forward to hearing them again next Sunday, and hopefully spending more time talking to them.

Smart women (and men) are awesome. And I don’t have to be intimidated. I’ve been learning that these last few years.

So, who or what intimidates you?