23 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What intimidates you?

I had a read-through today for a show I’m doing next Sunday, called Listen to Your Mother. It’s a group of women (and one awesome man) reading essays they’ve written about motherhood.

I was a bit nauseous this morning and on my way to the rehearsal, nervous that strangers were about to hear me read what I had written. I was also worried that everyone’s pieces would be better than mine. Funny, smart, successful women intimidate me. Not in a way that makes me want to avoid them (thankfully), but in a way that makes me want to know what makes them tick.  I sometimes feel “less than” around them. I feel like I don’t do enough with my time, that I’m not ambitious enough, that I’m not… Interesting.

So I was a bit sick to my stomach on the way there. And then I decided to turn it around before I even turned the door knob. I decided that I’m also smart and funny, even if nobody else thinks so. I decided that I was asked to be a part of this group because I have something to offer, just like the others.

I decided not to be intimidated, but to be open. It was a good decision.

These women (and one awesome man) were talented and smart and funny. And I really enjoyed meeting them and hearing their stories. I look forward to hearing them again next Sunday, and hopefully spending more time talking to them.

Smart women (and men) are awesome. And I don’t have to be intimidated. I’ve been learning that these last few years.

So, who or what intimidates you?

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

14 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Eliza says:

    hrm, well Lets see, I would say that working in customer service, the thing that intimidates me the most, is when I have to try to talk people down when they arent happy. They are ripping me to shreds, when I try to explain why I did what I did. Usually I bring in backup, but the first part of dealing with them, is so extremely intimidates me

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Eliza, I totally get it. I waitressed for 8 years and I remember having to cut through people’s horrible moods to get them to talk to me. I kind of liked the challenge, but I do remember being intimidated occasionally. It sounds like you’re more on the end of customer service where you’re getting complaints. That must be hard. I think anyone would find that intimidating.

      • Reply Eliza says:

        😀 thanks for answering, not always, but its rush week at the college, and kids cant return their books when they want to, so you just get alot of complaints. I survive.

  2. Reply Sherry says:

    Most people intimidate me because I’m afraid to put myself out there. I was intimidated to respond or post to you because I really admire you and know that you are so talented! I’m glad I did because you are an awesome person and I love to hear about your life 🙂

  3. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    Almost everyone intimidates me. Especially those that have the college degrees and tell me how Craig should act and what he should be able to do. Then they come to my home and tell me what a failure I am for having a handicap son.

  4. Reply AL says:

    One of the great things about achieving advanced maturity is…not many things can intimidate you anymore. In fact, by virtue of one’s considerable experience, people who TRY to intimidate you are recognized as being either immature or natural born idiots, or both! After surviving childhood, teen years, Viet Nam years, child birth, child rearing, professional success, adult children’s drama(s), parent’s and the reward awaiting you all? A family who cares about and supports each other, grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews, our health and a marriage that has endured through it all…pretty amazing.

    So, intimidated? No. It IS all about your attitude…You are the powerful one, not “them”…YOU control how you will react. Lisa, You are a breath of cosmic, fresh air! NEVER allow negative thoughts to creep into your consciousness, thoughts are powerful ! Wishing you super-sized success on your newest venture, cause YOU have the rest of it covered! What is it the young people are saying? BE THE CHANGE!

  5. Reply Angela says:

    I’m with u Lisa, to me it almost feels as that they look down to u and make u feel abit like an alien… yeah that’s what intimidates me. I think that made sense? Lol.

  6. Reply Carla says:

    Im really not sure anymore if I get intimidated or I am just shy! I WAS intimidated by Ms. Niecy Nash when I was at a Clean House Yard Sale….I regret not saying hello now!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Carla, I think shy and intimidated are probably easily confused. Either way… STOP! Don’t miss out on things (like saying hi to Niecy). NO FEAR!

  7. Reply Milaka says:

    I am intimidated by people I perceive to know more than I or have more talent than I (or have better grammar than I . . . do?). That’s something that I’ve been working on. The key words are “I perceive”. Maybe they have a certain air about them, maybe they have a “Dr.” in front of their name, maybe “I perceive” their children to be better behaved than mine, whatever it is, it’s only MY perception. Most of the time that I make the effort to overcome my feeling of intimidation, I’m pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Witness: me commenting on your blog! 😉

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Milaka, YES! I love it. However… Me? Intimidating? HAH! (Although my kid is MUCH more well behaved than yours!) 😉

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