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26 Apr 2011

G and Grandpa

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Two nights ago, Grandma Joan cooked dinner for the first time since Grandpa Art passed away.

Russ, G and I went to her house for some tri-tip, broccoli, and kugel.

There was something bittersweet about sitting around the kitchen table. It felt odd and yet so familiar.

The food was good, the conversation lively.

After we ate, Grandma brought pens out for G to draw with.

As he worked, he uncapped another pen, then another. And as he was about to draw a new picture, my mother and I stared in awe as he meticulously arranged the caps, just so, side by side. My father did those sorts of things. He’d arrange his silverware before meals so the ends were perfectly aligned. My father is clearly alive in Garrett.

A week ago G said to me, “Mom, did Grandpa Art die?”

“He did”, I told him.

“He’ll be at Grandma Joan’s soon”, he said.

“I hope so”, was my reply.

Well, he showed up that night. He certainly did.