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14 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 6

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The powers that be were kind enough to let me skip some press events this morning so I could rest my voice.

They also gave me a call time that was two hours later than I expected.

I was able to go back to sleep for a bit, but more importantly I was able to rest my voice.

My throat still hurts when I talk, but it feels much better.

Today is “sorting day”, where we go through all of the stuff that amounted to clutter in the house, and decide what stays and what goes.

I’m going to set now.

Six more sleeps, by the way.


Got back to hotel room about 30 minutes ago, making it a 10 1/2 hour work day. Not too bad.

Didn’t have a ton to do today. Shot the open to the show and some stuff with the family.

Watched them sort through all the stuff they’ve accumulated over the years.

Watching them go through endless boxes was enough to make me not make any purchases for a while. And I’ll be taking more boxes to Goodwill soon.

Getting to know a lot of people on the set. They’re really awesome. I haven’t had the chance to hang out with this crew for eight months, so it’s great to see them.

Did FaceTime with the boys for a about 25 minutes. G took me in his room to find his red shorts, then he and I boxed for a while. I knocked him out three times.

Gotta wake up in six and a half hours to get to set by 8:30.

Gonna go nighty night now.

To summarize: I’m feeling better. I miss the hell outta G and Russ. I’m doing better than I thought I would, in spite of missing them so much. I dig this crew which makes the time less painful. I can’t stop eating. I’m tired. I don’t hate working. And I’m going to Goodwill with some stuff from my house as soon as I get home. And six more sleeps.

14 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 5

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I got to sleep in yesterday, which was very nice but I was MORE exhausted than I had been the days before.

Got to the house, went through hair and makeup.  Saw the house cleared out.

Oh. My.

You would not believe this beautiful house.

And you wouldn’t believe how hard these movers were working.

And you wouldn’t believe the dust.

Throat hurt. It hurt to talk.

Worked 9 hours. Pretty short day.

Sushi with the girls.

Stopped at Whole Foods to get some healthy snacks.

Did I mention I’ve been eating like a COW????

Oh, wait. Cows eat grass and pretty healthy stuff.

Did I mention I’ve been eating like a… Person who eats a bunch of junk food every ten to twelve minutes?

Did I mention it hurts to talk?

This morning (day 6) I was supposed to do some press but the rest of the cast is doing it without me because I don’t want to lose my voice. (Or use it more than I have to.) We still have six more days of shooting.

I’m not sure if I’m sick or it’s just the pollen and the fact that I haven’t stopped talking for six days.

About to lie down and read a bit. Then it’s back to work.

By the way, I’m pretty sure I haven’t conveyed that I’m very grateful to be working.

Exhausted? Yes. Missing my family? Oh, yes. Sore throat? Yup. Grateful to be here? Absolutely.

12 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 4

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I am getting cumulatively more and more tired. I think I’m somewhere around zombie right now.

Woke up at 5:00 again. Breakfast in lobby again. This time surrounded by about 25 business men in polo shirts.

Shot a lot of emotional scenes.

Snacked way to much in between. On things I don’t ever eat.

Got a little mouthy on set.


Got out 2 hours earlier than last night.

Dinner  with the girls.

Fitting at the hotel.


Skype with the boys. Frustrating tonight because they were very pixilated and Garrett was all over the place. So he was pixilated and blurry! And he didn’t really want to talk. But when Russ and I tried to talk on the phone, G wouldn’t let that happen either. Booooo!

Long shower.

Brushed teeth so I’d stop snacking.

Sore throat.

Later call time tomorrow so I can sleep until 9:00!!! That’s pretty awesome.

I don’t think I can be upright anymore.


8 more sleeps.

11 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 3

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Drove to work 14 hours ago.

Just got back to my hotel room and skyped with the boys for 15 minutes.

I’m too tired to think.

Imagine how the guy holding the camera on his shoulder for 14 hours feels.

At least he doesn’t have to be witty or smart on camera.

Not that I am.

Now I have to wash off my makeup, pull off my fake lashes, brush and floss and get in bed.

I’ll wake up in 5 and a half hours and start again.

Good thing the boys didn’t come with me. I wouldn’t have seen them for a second.

9 more sleeps.


10 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 2

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Woke up at 5AM, giving me a total of 5 hours sleep.

Immediately wondered what the hell I was doing in Richmond, VA and how I could get home before anyone noticed I was gone.

Looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how makeup could make me look human.

Took a shower and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

Spent too long picking out a pair of sweats to wear to set. Did I mention I packed every single pair of sweats I own?

Packed up my magazines and book, my jacket and laptop and headed to the lobby.

Ate some eggs, toast, fruit and oatmeal in the breakfast area. I love a free breakfast! Took my coffee to go.

Drove with my makeup artist (and friend) to set. The freaking Virginia roads are CONFUSING! Thanks to the GPS and my friend, we made it to set in about 25 minutes.

Got to go into the AWESOME bus they have for me to get ready in and chill in when I’m not shooting. It’s pretty amazing. I’ll try to remember to take pics tomorrow.

Sat down as vast amounts of makeup were applied to my face, my hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and coffee was consumed. We also chatted. A lot.

And the makeup did make me look human.

Put on my wardrobe and headed out to set, very happy to see my co-hosts.

Started to remember why I like working.

Shot the open to the show and chatted with my fellow cast, and the crew that I haven’t seen in 8 months, between takes.

Shot some more. Stopped for lunch.

Makeup fixed. Hair sprayed. More shooting.

Oh my god, this house we’re shooting in is FILTHY!!

More shooting.

There’s no water on my bus (just today) so I’m grateful for the hundreds of hand wipes I have in my purse. I mentioned how filthy the house is, right?

More shooting.


A little more shooting.

I wrapped 11-and-a-half hours after getting to set.  Not too shabby.

20 minutes back to hotel.

Talked to Russ for 20 minutes. Got some nonfat milk from lobby and poured myself a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and had some decaf.

Going to have one more small bowl of cereal, shower, Skype with my family, and get in bed with my book.

It’ll be an early day again tomorrow, and probably a much longer one.

This was a very enjoyable day.

10 sleeps until I get to see my boys.

09 Apr 2011

Richmond, Day 1

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Left my house at 4:45 AM after kissing a sleeping boy and an awake husband goodbye.

Wiped away tears in the car. Decided to be a big girl.

Got on a flight at 6:30 and, after a connection, landed in VA seven-and-a-half hours later.

Rented car. Ford Edge. Me likey. No one paid me to say that. Damn it.

Drove with makeup artist (and new friend) to hotel.

Grabbed some Mexican-(ish) food with new friend.

Stopped at Walgreens for some necessities:

Pump soap

Peppermint Patties

Possibly one Twix bar

Sparkling water

Flat water

Allergy medication

Possibly some small bottles of pinot grigio

Back to room. Read outline for show. Skyped for a half hour with my boys. I miss them terribly already. 11 sleeps before I go home. Put on some self-tanner. Yes I did.

Daunting task of a show ahead of me, starting in eight hours. Which means I need to be up in six-and-a-half hours, after only getting three-and-a-half last night. Which means my makeup artist (and new friend) will have some major dark circles to cover.

And now, to bed. After texting Russ to say goodnight. And reading a chapter of my book.

Day one. Glamorous, no?

09 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What makes you feel cozy?

I’m on a plane headed to Atlanta where I will then connect on a flight to Richmond, VA. I have a book, and I’m wearing my Uggs, leggings made of sweat pant material, a tank top, and a hoody. My iPhone is set to “airplane mode” but I’m still able to write and look at pictures of my husband and son. I’m drinking hot tea with cream and sugar.

I hate flying, so I try to have as many “comfy” things around me when I do.
At home it’s sweats, a tank top, or my robe and slippers. A mug of coffee or tea or a hot bowl of soup always make me feel good. A good book is a comfort. And, of course, a hug from my husband or son.
I’ll be without those hugs for 12 days. So a book and a mug will have to do.
What comforts you, or makes you feel comfy, warm, or snuggly?

05 Apr 2011

Pick Your Friends

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G is three and has a nose-picking problem. Or maybe the problem is that he’s three. Either way, his nose is not being neglected when it comes to picking.

Russ did the old, “You can pick your friends” bit the other night. You know…

You can pick your friends.

You can pick your nose.

But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

The humor was sort of lost on G, but Russ kept saying it every time he saw G with his finger in his honker. Then he just shortened it to, “You can pick your friends.”

This morning as I was making G’s breakfast he picked a lovely buggar. I happened to see it as he was making it stretch between his thumb and forefinger. I ran to get a tissue and wiped it from his hand.

“NO!”, he yelled, “I picked my FRIEND! And she was really cute, too.”

I threw his friend and the napkin away and wiped off the remaining “friend” with an anti-bacterial wipe.

Poor thing. She never saw it coming.

04 Apr 2011

Hello, Richmond!

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So I guess I’m leaving on Saturday to go to Richmond, Virginia to shoot Clean House Messiest Home. Yup.

Russ and G were supposed to come with me but then Russ got work and needs to be here, AND I saw my work schedule and it looks like I’m not going to have any time off to hang with them so… Now they aren’t coming. Yup.

So I’m going to be away from my boys for 12 days. Yup.

(I’ve discovered saying “yup” after each sentence keeps me from crying.) (Yup.)

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to war or to work in the coal mines. (Although I will be in a sincerely filthy home, which is similar to a coal mine. Canaries dying, and such.)

Oh… Yup.

I was gone 8 days last year when I was shooting a Clean House in New Jersey. And it was hard. But the blow was cushioned by the W Hotel I was staying in in Hoboken, and the 4 minute train ride to Manhattan. And the shopping. And the food. Yup.

This time I’m staying in “Not a W Hotel”, about 8 miles from the nearest mall, in the middle of what seems like sort-of-nowhere. It’s going to be rough. And I can’t stop crying. Which makes me a big fucking baby. Yup.

And G was really looking forward to flying. And I’m not sure how to tell him I’m going alone. Yup.

DAMN IT! Glad I got that out. Yup.

02 Apr 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Tell me about your pet!

Your childhood pet, your favorite pet, the pet you hate… Tell me about it!

I grew up with dogs. We always rescued them from our local shelter so I grew up knowing mutts, the best dogs in the world. (My friend Koch would disagree, as he has an extreme fondness for Pugs. So do I. And he knows how to pick ’em! But I’ll always have mutts.)

My first dog Penny, a collie mix, could say “I love you” if you asked her to.

Shadow was a white dog with a black face, an Australian Shepherd mix,  who hid among my 119 stuffed animals, looked at me with all the understanding in the world, coddled me when I cried and cocked her head disapprovingly when I was mouthy to my parents. The day we had to put her down, my dad cried like a baby. We had a big family meeting about mourning and love and loss.

Max was a Labrador mix who pushed his head against the front of his cage when we saw him at the shelter. He didn’t move a muscle, just followed us with his eyes every time we walked past. We knew he was ours immediately. Day one, he was part of the family. Sitting on our laps, thinking he was much smaller than he was, barking loudly at anyone who dared to knock at the door then wagging his tail wildly when they entered. He was our best friend. He sat with my grandma for HOURS on end as she pet his head and drank a cocktail. He matched our emotions, made us laugh, and licked our tears. He was an unbelievable pet.

Russ and I got Bogie at the pound seven years ago when he was four months old. He was our first baby. We showed pictures of him to our friends and family, we held him in our arms, we spoke to him in high-pitched voices and applauded all of his tricks. The night we brought Garrett home from the hospital, he woke up crying in his bassinet around 1:00 AM. Bogie, who was on the bed as usual, let out a sigh that said it all. It was a loud, long, human sigh that made Russ and I laugh our asses off.

For a while there, Bogie took a big back seat around here. It was hard to give him anywhere near the attention he had gotten in the past. But it never made him love Garrett less, and he took his hits gracefully. Now that we’ve had several years and Garrett is way more independent, we’ve been able to give Bogie his due again. He and G are playmates and they love each other.  We go for long family walks, and we have a blast.

Of course, Bogie is still a pet. If we go on vacation, Garrett comes with us and Bogie stays home. But we know what Bogie means to this family. He’s part of what makes this house a home. He is unwavering in his love and devotion. He is part of the glue that makes us stick. We adore him. And I’m so glad G is growing up with a dog to love.

So what about you? Do you have, or have you had, any special pets?


Mere moments after posting, Bogart barfed all over the couch and carpet. I SWEAR!!!! It took Russ and I 25 minutes to clean it all up and it took everything in me to not delete this post. Dumb dog.  😉