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04 May 2011


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Don’t you ever just want to pack it all up and move to a cabin in the middle of Nowhere?

Open a coffee shop where regulars order “The Usual” and passers-through order the short stack.

Have your kid do his homework in the back room while eating his dinner: whatever the night’s special is… Probably meatloaf or lasagna.

Count the day’s take over a cup of coffee. Pack up some apple pie and head home…

To your cabin.

In the middle of Nowhere.

Don’t you ever just want to wake up and take a walk down a country road where there’s nothing to see but trees and birds and sunshine?

Pick up a stick and throw it as far as you can.

Do a puzzle on the kitchen table.

Watch your kid laugh so hard at something, neither of you can breathe.

Take some food to your friend and drink some lemonade.

Run circles with your kid until you both fall down.

Take a nap in a hammock and wake up, warm and groggy.

Don’t you sometimes just want to go to bed with the windows open?

In the middle of Nowhere.

With a breeze through the curtains, enough to make you use your blankets.

Holding hands with your partner.

Listening to the soft breath of your kid in the next room.

In the cabin in the middle of Nowhere.

Where we could live. If we were willing.