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06 May 2011


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Tonight, we traced letters. I did the big ones, holding his finger in my hand and making silly sound effects.

Schoom! Scronk! Flink! That’s a K!
Zip! Meow! That’s a Q!

He did the lower-cases on his own, perfectly imitating the sound effects.

Watching one of his shows, he asked me what a megaphone is. I explained and showed him a picture.

Thanks for explaining that to me.
You’re so welcome, bud.

It was that kind of night.

I took out this part of the post because I feel like I’m getting thoughts & sympathy that belong to my friend’s family, not mine. It’s her experience, and one that I haven’t even been close to… They have been in my thoughts and prayers and they have kept me updated. I will ask her if she’d like to guest-post her experience at a later date.