14 May 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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What was your last ticket?  Have you ever talked yourself out of one?

Last week I was driving to work. Apparently I was driving 14 miles-per-hour too fast. However, so was EVERYONE ELSE AROUND ME! Anyway, I got pulled over by Officer Motorcycle Cop with Radar Gun. I rolled down my window and he said, “You were going 49 in a 35”, and he showed me the radar gun to prove it.

Long story short, I almost had myself talked out of it. He was wavering. He “felt bad”. But then I let him off the hook. “Don’t worry about it. You’re just doing your job”, I stupidly uttered. “Yeah. The people around here have been complaining about the speeding. I gotta write the ticket”, he replied apologetically.

So, almost the entire way to work, I cried. I didn’t cry because of the ticket, or the money it was going to cost me, or the time I was going to have to spend on the on-line traffic school. (Although each of those things is insanely annoying.) I cried because I almost talked myself OUT of the ticket, then talked myself back IN. I was pissed at myself.

Now, two other times in my past I did manage to talk myself out of tickets. Once, about 8 years ago, because I happened to be super cute that day, and I forced myself out of the car so the cop could see just how cute I was. I got let off with a hug and a warning. Seriously.

The second was because I had just dropped G off to sleep at his daycare for the first time ever. It was almost two years ago. I was sobbing as I drove away, and a cop followed me the two blocks home to tell me I did something. I don’t even remember what. By the time he got up to my window, I had worked myself up to a full crazy cry. He asked if I was okay and I yelled, “NO! I’M NOT!”

This cop literally backed away from my car, his hands up as if he was afraid I would jump out of my car and tackle him. “You try to have a better day, Ma’am. Sorry.” Then he was on his motorcycle and gone.

So, I got out of one because I was cute, the other because I was terrifying. Not sure which was more gratifying.

Tell me your story (or stories)!

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22 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Michelle says:

    Well, as I tweeted, I got one of those tickets from the traffic camera about a month ago. I sort of knew it was coming and mentioned it to hubby. When it arrived, on a day that HE happened to pick up the mail, he said something like, “Yep, they got you.” $40!!!! He hasn’t said another word about it – he knows better! LOL

    The only time I was pulled over, I was speeding. This was when I was still with my first huband who insisted on keeping every car repair receipt in the glove compartment, neatly, with the registration. The officer asked for my license and registration so I immediately gave him my license then tried to find the registration among the neatly folded pieces of paper. After a minute or so, he said, “Never mind. Just slow down next time.” I never told my then-husband about this because he would have never let me live it down.

    That’s why he is my ex and I’m keeping this one! 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Michelle, sounds like you got off really cheap with the traffic camera!! And nice work stalling for the second one! I’ll have to remember that! 😉

  2. Reply @AnEffingLegend / Pat says:

    Wow, Lisa. You’ve got skills. My last ticket was in ’07 when I totalled my car. (Her name was Jolene, after the Dolly Parton song.) No frills, simple as that. 🙂

  3. Reply Allison says:

    Michelle, where do you live? I last month also got a camera light photo ticket in Culver City or as I call it Shitty City for $448 
    This afternoon I just sent in my money & now waiting for my court date. Back in the day I was only pulled over once for speeding 85 MPH in a 35 zone in the Marina. I was young & the young handsome cop was so cool with me! I flirted really hard!! He let me off with a phone number. Only time I was ever lucky. Youth is a blessing. I wish I had my 20’s at times. Wish me luck with that dumb court date 

  4. Reply Tracy Annable says:

    Have not had a ticket for 22 years, good driving or good luck? I was furious that I was stopped for 10 km over the limit. My son reminded me not to get angry because the cop had a gun. I have really been careful driving but will soon get a driving with cellphone glued to ear as it will be law come in June. Who can live without a phone? I have already check with AMA and know that it is a very hard to convict ticket. I am too old to cute my way out off a ticket, but an old enough to have a great lawyer.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Tracy, without sounding too lecture-ish… I never make calls in my car unless it’s through the blue tooth. I think it’s sooo dangerous! Better to skip it instead of getting a ticket… or worse. Okay, lecture over!

  5. Reply Sara says:

    I have never actually gotten a moving violation while I was driving. I did report once after an accident (that was not my fault) what my route through the wheat fields had been and it turned out I had taken an illegal U-turn, so I did get a ticket but didn’t get pulled over. That was in high school. My last warning came when I shoved a drunk beligerent guy who was bothering some poor woman trying to walk with a gaggle of toddlers and a stroller with an infant. He was bothering them, I told him to stop, he got closer to me and I pushed him. He was really drunk so he actually fell to the ground and just laid there. Someone called the cops and I got a warning for ASSAULTING the homeless. whoops. So I never ever ever push people any more. Amen. My kindergarten teacher would be pleased, I have also stopped biting (hope Mrs. Kettle sees this!).

  6. Reply Robbie says:

    I have a lead foot too. Sigh. Last ticket was for going 54 in a 35 zone, and when I asked if I could get a warning, the cop was like, “No, that’s just too fast.” Did online traffic school, which is a pain but not as much a pain as GOING to traffic school, so at least that one won’t go on my record.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Yeah, Robbie. I will also be doing the on-line school. Such a better choice. BUT STILL A PAIN IN THE ASS!

  7. Reply Laura says:

    My last ticket was about 10 years ago. I am embarrassed to admit that I was going down I-95 doing 85 in a 55 zone. I had just worked a 12 hour night shift and it was a Sunday morning and there was ZERO traffic except for me and the friendly state trooper who stopped me. He had his supervisor with him, so I was definitely getting a ticket. I pulled the nurse card and he reduced it from 1point on my license and a $235 fine to 4mph over the speed limit , no points and a $55 ticket. So, I thanked him profusely, pleaded guilty and paid the fine by mail.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Laura, THAT is awesome! Can I play the nurse card? Or do you actually have to be the kind of person that spends your whole life taking care of others? I kind of think you deserve to get out of a ticket for that. Very, very cool

  8. Reply AL says:

    Hmmm…last ticket was in 1970. 40 in a 30mhz…rushing home on my lunch hour to check the mailbox for the “nearly” daily letter from husband, Stan who, was in Viet Nam. (in those old days, no internet, no communication hoped for unless the Red Cross family emergency call was needed) Driving our pretty cool, maroon, Mustang GT, (with chrome reverses) too fast on the way back to work….stopped and told by the “oh so nice” patrolman, he was going to “warn” me until he saw the “Peace With Honor” window decal (peace sign super imposed over an American Flag)…in the back wing window. Politically incorrect without even trying!….

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      AL, what??? I’m confused. He thought you were a hippy or something? So he gave you a ticket?? What an ass!

      • Reply AL says:

        He thought I was un-American….in those days, anything smacking of political commentary was considered radical…that decal was supposed to represent, “Peace with honor”…and yes, he didn’t get it, and yes, he was an ass. It was one of two tickets I have ever had, the other, driving home from work, late at night, did a rolling stop. I was driving my 58 Corvette and the cop thought I was driving my boyfriend’s car and actually said, “Your boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate you driving his car illegally, now would he?” I awnsered, ” I don’t know, I never drive HIS car”….I got ticketed after he saw the registration. Me and my big mouth!

  9. Reply Milaka says:

    Let’s go waaaay back to December or 1989 . . . My dad had just helped me move to Austin so that I could attend the University of Texas (Hook ‘Em Horns!!!). I got settled in my apartment and then he and I and my cat headed up to Nebraska to have Christmas with my mom and brother. I had just bought an old Toyota Celica and I was taking it on its first road trip. I knew that the speedometer was off, so I tried to keep it relatively close to the speed limit . . .

    I got stopped about 45 miles south of the Oklahoma/Texas border. When the cop got to my window, he asked if there was a reason I was in such a hurry. Dad had had the flu that week, so I looked at him hoping that he would at least try to play the illness card. Dad looked at me and said, “Nope.” (I didn’t think that assaulting my father would be a good idea in front of a cop.) I apologized that I had been speeding and told him that I knew my speedometer was off and I thought I was going about 78 (in a 70). He said, “No ma’am, I clocked you at 89.” I think that my reaction was genuine enough that he believed me. Seriously, I had NO idea that it was THAT off!

    I gave the officer my new driver’s license with my Austin address and he said, “Miss, what do you do in Austin?” I said, “I’m a student at the University of Texas.” He said, “I got my degree from UT. I believe I’ll give you a warning this time.” And he walked to his car, did all of the paperwork and came back with a warning. I asked if he would follow me in his car and signal to me when I hit 70 mph. He did and I made sure that I marked that when my speedometer said 63, it was really 70.

    The last ticket I got was last summer on the way to lead our church’s Vacation Bible School. It took everything I had not to play that card! But the kids were in the car and I wanted to set a good example . . . (like speeding is a great example anyway). And the best part? We were taking a friend’s daughter and son that day. Good times.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Milaka, that UT story is awesome!! Very smart to have him follow you to clock you at 70. I love it. I also love you setting a good example for all of those kids in the back seat on the way to Bible School. How fast were you going? Bad girl.

      • Reply Milaka says:

        The VBS ticket was actually 40 in a 30, but he knocked it down to 39. If you’re going a full 10 over the speed limit, the fine jumps. He was a good man! I think he appreciated that I took full responsibility and even joked with him. It pays to be nice! 😉 (Or to cry sincerely.)

        • Reply flawlessmom says:

          Milaka, I got my “bail” amount for my ticket today. $234. And THAT is before paying for traffic school. So, I will be trying to fight it in the hopes the cop doesn’t show up and I can walk away spending only $65 or so. Argh.

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