17 May 2011

Smarty Pants

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G-Man is writing his name. He really is. He’s doing it over and over again. And he’s writing Russ’ name, and mine. And drawing. Not stop draw fest in this house now. A month ago I couldn’t get him to draw a thing. Now he’s drawing Wii Sports boxers, Batman and Robin, Iron Man, and every character on Spongebob. Constantly. And they’re good, his drawings. They are. I’m not just saying that. You’d want to buy one if you saw it. I’ll take cash.

He’s even mastering the fine art of sarcasm. At three-and-a-half years old.  Russ and I are willing to take full responsibility for that.

He’s brave. Yesterday at the doctor, he wiped away tears, refusing to say he was crying. He was a brave boy as the doctor swabbed the back of his throat. Then he cried into my shoulder a bit, and let me hug him hard.

He’s funny. He quotes lines from his favorite shows. He does voices. He makes up jokes.

He sings lullabies that he makes up himself!

His imagination is mind-boggling. Driving yesterday he said, “Let’s pretend your car is a submarine and all the other cars are sea creatures!” Then all the way home he pointed out the sharks, squid, starfish, dolphins and crabs.

All this, but he refuses to sleep one second later than 6:30AM.

They say genius never sleeps.

I guess that’s why I need at least nine hours a night.  Plus naps.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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  1. Reply Sherry says:

    That’s truly amazing Lisa! He is going to go far in life! So much imagination. We need more kids like that. 🙂

  2. Reply Laura says:

    What a great kid! You and Russ must be so proud and filled with joy every day!

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