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23 May 2011

BONUS: Flawless Saturday Question

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How are you at managing your time?

I’m noticing more and more that I have a complete inability to use my time wisely. I manage to do everything I have to do in the morning before taking G to school, which usually involves feeding the dog and cats, packing G’s lunch, feeding him and me breakfast, folding some laundry, and sometimes showering.

The rest of the day, however, kind of gets away from me.

Like today. I know I need to grocery shopping but I had two auditions to get ready for right after school drop off today. I went on those auditions, and by the time I got home and shoveled some food in my face it was (it is) 1:02PM and I only have two hours before I pick up G and I’ve accomplished NOTHING of value.

I want to make a menu for the week so I’m not wasting food. I want to clean out the hall closet. I want to return some emails and start getting rid of stuff in my office so I can eventually turn it into a playroom. ¬†Friends call to have lunch but I find myself not knowing how to fit a lunch into my schedule because the day moves so damn fast! And, by the way, I’d like to find some friggin’ time to be creative so I can do something that means something to me again before I’m all the way to middle age!

So how do I fix this problem? How do I become a better manager of my time? Does anyone do it successfully? I’m sure they do. And I want to know their tricks. ¬†Because the thing is, once my kid is home from school, I like hanging with him. So from 9 to 3, I need to be Superwoman.

Consider this a bonus Flawless Saturday Question:

What are your tips for organizing your time? (Or is this just the way it’s going to be until G is 18? If it is, I’m FINE with that. Really!! I just need to know.)