03 Jun 2011


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About an hour ago I was picking G-Man up from school. Many moms and kids were in the courtyard, playing, talking and laughing. We were discussing what plans we had for the weekend and whether or not our kids finished their lunches today.

Out on the street we heard what sounded like a pretty bad car crash. We went on about our business, getting backpacks from cubbies and signing out for the day. On my way home I passed the accident and saw ambulances and banged-up cars.

The people in those cars were on their way home, or to the grocery store, or to a friend’s house. They were going about their business, having whatever kind of day they were having. And neither of them had no idea that their entire day, possibly their life, was about to change. At the very least one of them was taken to the hospital, and the other will be dealing with paperwork for months. At the very worst… I don’t even want to think about it.

So here’s my cliche’ thought for the day:

Everything can change in an instance. One moment you could be complaining about all of your errands, and the next you could be wishing you were able to do them at all. At least once a day all of us who are healthy and happy should thank our luckies that we are. I was already feeling grateful today. I woke up thanking God for all the good stuff in my life. I pray those people are okay, and I will be even more grateful for what I have today.

Think of what you have today. And be grateful.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

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  1. Reply Allison says:

    Great topic! Hubby was up North for our nephews surgery. Anyway, while at Children’s hospital in Oakland a father & 2 kids were rushed in. Long story short: car accident while the dad reached for the sippy cup the 2 y/o dropped. Matter of seconds, toddler dead & teen son injured w the dad having a broken leg. His human father reaction caused death. Whoever said “Live today like you’re dying” genius! I always say I Love You when I end a call w a friend or family member. Just in case…that person will know I loved them.
    Have a great safe weekend, Lisa 🙂

  2. Reply Christine says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Almost dying taught me how to live. Taught me how to love. Taught me gratitude and appreciation and perspective. I am grateful every day, every minute, for everything. After my treatments, when I was bitching about how my body was ruined and how miserable I was, a wise friend not-so-gently reminded me that I should be glad to be here to complain about it. And I am glad. I am, in fact, absolutely thrilled and humbled and so, so grateful. Life is absolutely a matter of perspective. I am so very blessed by, and so very thankful for, my experience with cancer. Because, much like the car crash you observed today, it stripped away all the bullshit and helped me put my life in proper perspective. What a powerful and emotional message you shared today. Do not think it cliche, it is a beautiful truth. Look at your life, know you are blessed, and be grateful.

  3. Reply AL says:

    Give thanks each day for your health, your body, your family and your amazing life, because you can. ” Count your blessing”s is not something to cross-stitch on a sampler, it’s the recipe for a well lived life.

  4. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    I just read this! Wow! On Friday June 3 I was in the hospital getting help for an infection in my leg. I went in on Wednesday June 1st. On Friday the day you wrote this I had 2 mild heart attacks. One at 4 am and one at 4:30 pm. I was taking from that hospital to the heart hospital. Any way make a long story short turned out I needed 2 stints put in the heart because of blockage. On lots of meds and am ok. Still working on the infection in the leg and even that is getting better. Came home on thursday.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Oh my GOSH, Norma!!! I hope you’re doing well now! Thank goodness you were in the hospital and got taken care of! I’m so sorry you went through that but so happy you were helped. Get well!!!

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