11 Jun 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

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Today’s question is not a question. NAY, ’tis a challenge!

I want you to do something positive this weekend, TODAY or TOMORROW that is completely out of character for you.

For example, if you are usually shy and demure, I want you to say “hello” to three strangers.

If you haven’t cooked or baked in years, make yourself some chocolate chip cookies or a fabulous dinner.

If you never call your brother… Do it.

See where I’m going? Find something different to do this weekend. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or life-altering. It just has to get you out of your comfort zone, if only for a minute.

I don’t know what my challenge to myself will be yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

Let me hear how it goes!!!



Okay, so I took my own challenge and did a couple things that are completely unlike me. First, I used to be a whole lot more spontaneous, but since having G it’s rare that I do anything without planning. And planning. So yesterday we had plans with friends for dinner and I tried to think of something that we never do.

Ten years ago, Russ and I ate with my parents at a great restaurant on Olvera St. in down town L.A. We’ve always wanted to go back, but we haven’t. So I suggested we get on the bus to the train to Olvera St. and go! He was immediately into it and so were our friends.

There’s a couple layers here for me because we really don’t ever use L.A.’s public transportation (sadly). As a matter of fact, I think this was my third time ever. And we’ve never taken it this far. We were so impressed by how many people were using it! And we loved that we weren’t wasting gas.We also rarely get out of the areas we’re familiar with, and we’re pretty much never spontaneous like that. PLUS, I’m a bit claustrophobic so standing on the crowded bus was not something I’d usually choose to do. But I think I could get used to it.

We all had a blast on the train. G was a little freaked out by the sounds at first but we turned it into a game and he was (literally) on board after that. Olvera St. was beautiful. The food at the restaurant was incredible. It was a great, spontaneous, fun, and exciting evening for all.

I might try to do one more out of the box thing today, but I’m not sure. Last night was great for my psyche. I’m happy G got the experience, and I think we’ll be doing a lot more of it in the future.

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15 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Robbie says:

    I’m doing some cleaning and laundry. That’s out of the ordinary! But I’ll see if I can find something more in the spirit of the thing before the weekend’s over.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Robbie, I’m sure that cleaning and laundry is life changing. Every time I do it, I feel renewed. Oh wait. That’s not true. Every time I do it I feel sweaty and exhausted.

  2. Reply Michelle says:

    DONE! Didn’t even know I was doing it, but I did it before reading this post. I did something that I avoid like the plague – taking my teenage daughters shopping. I take them for the things they need (and I still HATE that!!!) but I try to get out of taking them for things they want (to buy with their own money). See, I despise window shopping. If I’m not buying, I don’t want to walk around looking. I have better things to do with my time. And, since they are TEENAGE girls, they want to look at everything, try everything on, etc. I never liked doing that. Yes, today was torture. Yes, I hated every second of it. But, it is done and they are happy (at least for this nano-second – they ARE teenagers!).

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Well Michelle, it doesn’t sound like it was a great thing for YOU, but it does sound like it was outside of your norm and that you made your teens happy. (That can’t be easy!)

  3. Reply Carla says:

    I think I am going to dig out a cross stitch project tomorrow. I havent touched it in a year and a half, and I think it is time to make something beautiful for someone else…:)
    Thanks for the Challenge!

  4. Reply Tina says:

    Great idea! Funnily enough – this is my challenge to take a moment for myself and with that moment I wanted to stop by and see what the fabulous Flawless Mom’s question was – clearly, meant to be. Lisa – it always makes me feel great to come by your site. You have such a positive energy, coming by your site, for me, is like a warm cup of tea wrapped in a hug, wrapped in a good laugh – what better “me” moment is there than that?

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Without being too dramatic, Tina… Thank You. This just meant the absolute world to me. Really and truly.

  5. Reply Sherry says:

    Well, since I’m shy, I said hello to many people. My brother and his family came for a visit from Indiana and I played cowboys with my nephew. Took a picture with my nephew wearing cowboy hats. It is now my new twitter pic! My husband and I also went out to dinner last night. Spur of the moment thing. Left my son at home. It was really nice 🙂 Sounds like you are having a good time too!! 🙂

  6. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    I know this is after Saturday and Sunday but When I get back from driving Craig to the center today I want to get out one of the calendar kits ans start working on them. I sew sequins and beads on them and give them as Christmas gifts. I do them every year but never this early. Usually I wate until Oct and then try to rush to get them all done.

  7. Reply Laura says:

    I actually did 2 things outside of my comfort zone in the last week. I vowed to enjoy my trip to Australia to the fullest and I did.

    I really am not fond of birds. I think they are pretty, but I prefer to keep my distance. On a trip to the Dandenong Range outside of Melbourne, there is a stop where you can feed wild birds. The birds fly around and land on you and eat out of your hand. They are parrots, gullah birds, cockatoos. I took a deep breath, put some seed in my hand and immediately was surrounded by some of the most vividly colored birds I had ever seen. They landed on my arms, my head, my shoulder. They were just so cool! Despite being scratched and nipped by a cockatoo, it was an amazing experience. I was so glad I did it.

    I am also terrifed of heights. We went up into the Eureka Sky Deck in Melbourne. It is 88 stories up. You can see magnificent views of the city. They have a ride called The Edge which is a glass elevator which extends out of the side of the building and you can see around and down. I found the courage to actually ride the damn thing. My heart had to be beating about 200 per minute, but the views were astounding. Again, I was so glad I found the guts to do it!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Laura, that RULES! I seriously can’t believe you talked yourself into doing those two things that you are TERRIFIED OF! Genius. I’m so happy for you that you got to have that experience. It sounds amazing. And you took FULL advantage! Nice work. YAY, Laura!

  8. Reply Milaka says:

    It’s not that I didn’t read this challenge, it’s that it has hit close to home and I’m still ruminating over it. I know what it is that I need to do, I just haven’t worked up the courage to do it How’s THAT for cryptic?!?!?

    Oh, I guess one thing that I AM doing is that we’re going to a public celebration today for July 4th. Hubby and the kids REALLY want to go. I hate crowds and the heat, but I’ll go because they are so excited.

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