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14 Jun 2011


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Patience is something I do not have a lot of. I am not patient-rich. I never have been. As a matter of fact, you could probably call me “impatient” and I wouldn’t correct you. ┬áIt’s one of my many flaws.

God blessed me with a child who, up until this point has required very little of this patience. He’s good. He’s super good. He listens, he sits quietly in restaurants, he’s polite, he’s smart… You get it. You’ve read about it here. I have a really good kid. And he just came out of my womb that way. (I mean clearly there’s some stellar parenting going on, but for the most part he was born that way.) He has an incredible temperament. We’re very lucky.

But now he is starting to display some (completely appropriate) toddler-like behavior.

When I ask him if he wants cereal or french toast for breakfast, he stares straight ahead and mumbles something about Spongebob.

When I tell him it’s time to get ready for school, he has a mini fit and throws himself (ever-so-gently) to the ground.

When I’m getting him dressed, he pulls away to make muscles. “Look at how big I am!”

When we get to school, he needs several minutes to finish the masterpiece he’s drawing.

“Garrett? Garrett?”

“I need to finish this.”

“Buddy, we have to go.”

“Look at my muscles.”

“They’re very impressive. Can you show me more when you get home?”

“I don’t wanna go!”


All of this is typical, normal stuff. I know that. And it’s not even bad. Most of it is very cute, especially when I’m not in a rush to get somewhere.

But the thing is, I forgot to save up all of the patience I wasn’t spending over the last 3-and-three-quarter years, so I have none in the bank. And because I have none, I suck at being patient. I think I’ve been huffing and sighing a lot. And I don’t want G to have a huffer or a sigher for a mom.

So my newest goal is to try to be a bit more patient. I mean, he’s earned some vacation time from being perfect. So now I have to start picking up the slack. I just have to find out what works for me. It might be slow, deep breaths (but I’ll be careful not to make it sound like a sigh). It might be pirouettes in the middle of the living room. It might be a splash of cold water on my face. Or it might be making my husband get up to get him ready for school.

I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out. Just be patient with me. Thanks.