31 Jul 2011

Revelation Day 10

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I’m at the 10-day mark of my Revelation Workshop. I’m not cured, but I can honestly say I’m different. The negative thoughts? Still there. But fewer, farther between, and more annoying. I try to think positively. When I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see… I stop looking, instead of picking on myself.

This is not easy. And doing it while I weigh more than I have in years, makes it even harder. But that’s when I need to remind myself that it has ZERO to do with my actual weight. It has to do with my brain, and what’s weighing me down up there. I like this path that I’m on. It’s loaded with little land mines of bad thoughts and numbers on a scale, but I have to keep walking on it. And every time I’m hit with some bullshit shrapnel and I don’t fall down, I get a little stronger. This is a path to self-awareness and joy, and I’m going to walk it, jog it, skip on it, and crawl if I have to. I’m kind of enjoying the journey.

There are about fifteen other things that I want to write about today, but all of them feel too raw to discuss. Maybe “raw” is the wrong word, but they’re all things I still need to ruminate on and I don’t necessarily feel like writhing in front of you as I try to figure stuff out. So I will keep them for future posts.

I will tell you that I had a fantastic date with my husband last night, and it involved insanely good Indian food and a couple of hours at our local pub. And I can tell you that G and I swam AGAIN on Friday and he has officially turned into a fish. For most of our swim date, he was pretending to be MY swim teacher, showing me moves and how to be safe in the water. That was pretty awesome.

I can also tell you that I’m getting ready to attend a blogging conference this coming weekend, where I will meet many amazing, smart, funny and beautiful bloggers from around the country. To say I’m anxious doesn’t cover it. To say I’m a nervous wreck… Kind of does. But also? I can’t wait! This is one of those times I wish I drank more.

And with that… Happy Sunday!

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  1. Reply Melisa says:

    I LOVE date nights!! Keep those going, sister, and your marriage will be super-strong for eternity! (and believe me, when G is a teen, you’re going to need it! haha)

    I’m so excited about this weekend. You’re going to forget about all of your anxiety within minutes of getting there and meeting people. Or I’ll squeeze it out of you, alternatively. 🙂

    And? You don’t need no stinkin’ alcohol! Neither do I. I say we sell half of our drink tickets to the highest bidder!

  2. Reply Sherry says:

    You are an amazingly honest and sweet person! You make me strive to be a better and happier me every time you blog. I know you will have a great time at the convention. I only wish I could meet you too 🙂

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