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10 Aug 2011

Paying for Blogher ’11

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As you may have heard by now, there was a big-ass blogging convention in San Diego last weekend. Blogher ’11 was a bevy of beautiful, talented, smart, funny women (and some men) who blog, want to blog, used to blog, or want bloggers to talk about them or their products on a blog. In it’s seventh year, the Blogher convention still feels like it’s new. Even though I’m a little late to the game, I felt like I was getting in on the ground floor.

Besides all the swag, there were seminars, speeches, parties, meet-ups, food breaks, workouts and swag. It’s worth mentioning twice.

I had an incredible time.  I met incredible people. I got incredible free shit.

And now I’m paying for it.

I am, what some people might call, bad at time-management. I suck at it, frankly. And when I take any time off of my regularly scheduled programming, all hell breaks loose. You must understand, Blogher didn’t just take up four days in beautiful, sunny San Diego. NO! It took several days (maybe even weeks) of planning before I left L.A. (Including the 90-minute session of trying on clothes before packing, so that I was packing outfits instead of just random tank tops and jeans like I usually do.) I also had to get all the laundry done, grocery shop, and make meals so the fridge wasn’t empty in my absence. I had to arrange baby-sitters and grandma-visits. I had to fill up the gas tank, get a car wash, and of course… Spray tan.

So, coming home after a week of prep and four days away has left me behind, to say the least. I have bills to pay, food to buy, stuff to clean, calls to make, emails to return, swag to organize, business cards to go through, etc. etc. etc. And so far, due to some work and personal circumstances, I have had no time. I have so far only accomplished laundry and ordering in. Not a meal has been cooked by me since last Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure one will not be cooked by me tonight. The stack of papers I need to go through on my desk has reached hilariously large proportions, I need to transfer my jury duty service to the court by my house, and I still haven’t taken my on-line traffic school course.

Do you see? I suck at managing time. And I’ll be blaming Blogher ’11 for everything I don’t get done from now until¬† Blogher ’12.

But I am realizing something cool as I type these words. Since I’ve been home from Blogher, I’ve taken three walks with my son and my dog, Garrett and I have spent at least an hour chalk-drawing on the sidewalk, I’ve played pirates, I’ve mimed ice-skating and falling over and over again, I’ve played “I Spy” while waiting for pizza, I’ve fixed snacks and put band aids on the smallest boo-boos you’ve ever seen, I’ve shared a cupcake and giggled as we licked the abundant blue icing, I’ve had at least two tickle fights, read four books, and given numerous hugs, kisses, and a few reprimands and tear-wipes. SO, I am clearly good at time-management when it comes to a little blond guy who lives with me. But not when it comes to anything else.

At least I have my priorities straight.