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18 Aug 2011

My House is Breaking

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There is a list of things my husband and I want to do to our house:

Put a fence around the front yard.

Fix the fence in the backyard.

Replace the front door.

Paint the outside.

Make a pathway from the back door to the garage.

Light the backyard.

Get under-counter lighting in the kitchen.

Replace the oven.

Buy a new grill.

Refinish our wood floors.

This list is only partial, and most of it has needed to be done for years. We are a frugal pair, and the poor house suffers because of it.

But the most nagging, annoying, in-your-face thing that needs to be done is to RE-PAINT THE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE!

When Russ and I moved in, we painted all of the rooms ourselves. We will never do that again. It was adorable and romantic at the time. Two youngsters in old denim, ordering pizza and holding paint rollers. We were a sight to see. But years of wear (and possible shoddy work) have caused our painted walls to rebel against us. I’m about to show you photographic proof of our shame. Now let’s see if it helps me to get off my ass and call a damn painter.

This is the chip by the front door. It’s mostly due to our dog, Bogie jumping up and scratching whenever someone comes to the door:

This is the massive erosion of the paint on the window sill where Bogie stands with his nails scraping the paint off little by little:

Window Sill

This is the wall in the dining room/family room, where G’s wicker toy basket has left several scratches, and now this chip in the paint:

Toy Box Wall

This is the window sill in the kitchen. Years of water and steam and bullshitting my way through dinner parties has caused this:

And this is the ingenious way I cover up the embarrassing paint problem:

As you can see, this is a problem. Obviously, it isn’t a problem that has taken up too much of my time trying to fix. But it is a problem, nonetheless. We could probably find the paint we need in the garage and patch up all the “issues”, but most likely I’ll want all new paint colors. We’ve been living with the same walls for seven and a half years, so it would be nice to spruce things up. That means I have to go pick paint colors. AND if we’re going to paint, shouldn’t we get the floors refinished at the same time? That way the painters wouldn’t have to worry as much about the floors, knowing they were about to get made over. And then, if the painters are coming anyway, shouldn’t we just have them do the outside as well?

And then, just like that, we’ve probably spent close to ten grand. I just got really sick to my stomach.

So, do we do the patch work and fix one problem at a time? Or do we live with the shame of our house falling apart until we can spend the money to get it all done at once?

What would you do? Or, should I say, what will you do? For me. To help. Got any wood-floor hookups? Any free paint? Wanna come re-do my walls? I’ll take you to Hollywood, where the celebrities are. But I won’t help you paint. I did that once. And it didn’t really work out.