20 Aug 2011

Flawless Saturday Question

41 Comments Flawless Saturday Question

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re sick?

This weekend was apparently not made for going out and having fun. My son and I are both under the weather and my mom needed some TLC today, too. So it looks like this weekend is pretty much shot.

When I was a kid I craved two things when I was sick:

Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie and store-bought chocolate cake from the refrigerated section. With the hostess-cupcake-looking frosting? You know what I mean? I think it usually came in a foil pan.

Those two things were all I needed.  Well, those two things and some magazines. It’s been years since I’ve had one of those pot pies. I think reading the fat grams cured me of that craving. And I never really crave that cake anymore.

Now when I don’t feel well, I usually want some very brothy soup, toast, and maybe scrambled eggs. But nothing really gives me that warm feeling that I used to get when I was on the couch with my parents eating fattening, processed foods.

Tell me what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you’re feeling all sick and yucky. Maybe I’ll get some good ideas.

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Lisa Arch likes being a working actress... but LOVES being a Mom!

41 Responses to “Flawless Saturday Question”

  1. Reply Milaka says:

    When we were sick, Mom would serve us Coke with crushed ice (we didn’t have an ice maker in our fridge so she had to crush it with some old gadget from HER mom) and Cambell’s vegetable soup “with the little letters” (that’s how we’d ask for it). She’d give us the soup with a side of saltines spread with margarine.

    These days I make the Soup. I can throw it in the crock pot in the morning (sans the eggs) and have it be the afternoon. It hits the spot! Oh, and I have to have my Coke with crushed ice, too.

    So sorry to hear that you and the little man are not feeling well. I’m sending some extra big Texas love to you!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Milaka, after reading what you’ve been going through, I’m sending you hugs right back!!! I remember coke and crushed ice, too! And 7UP with crushed ice. And for me, Ritz crackers with Fleischman’s margarine!!

  2. Reply Kristy says:

    My little Charlotte has some kind of tummy bug with a small fever today. Scary for me, in her 10 month old life this is the only time she’s been sick. She won’t eat anything but formula and I worry about her weight. She’s already only in the 10th percentile for her weight at 17 lbs! Big hugs to you guys and hope you are well quickly!

    Grandma (she raised me not Mom), always let me have 7-Up, Saltines and she’d make what I called Potato Soup, it was just very salted water with some plain white, skinned potatoes cubed and thrown in it, toast with light butter.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Kristy, I hope your little one gets better very quickly. It’s just no fun when your baby is sick. And it doesn’t get any easier when they get bigger! Poor thing.
      I swear someone else I know did that potato soup thing. So funny!

  3. Reply TandT says:

    as a kid chicken noodle soup or chicken pot pie
    as an adult – it’s miso soup & rice

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      OMG! Miso soup and rice sounds perfect!! Sometimes when I don’t feel 100%, I put a little butter and stevia on rice and eat it like it’s cream of wheat! And I’ll eat miso soup any time.

  4. Reply Lynn @ Walking With Scissors says:

    That’s McCain Deep and Delicious cake! When I was in university, my friends and I would buy them and eat them straight out of the pan while watching chick flicks. Ah, good times.

    All I want when I’m sick is ginger ale. And some easy-watching TV.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Lynn, I’m so pleased someone knows what I’m talking about!!! Thank you! And a big yes on TV. It’s my favorite thing to do when I’m sick. Unfortunately, this weekend I watched a lot of Nick Jr!

  5. Reply Val says:

    Pepperoni pizza. Also ginger ale & saltines. Lipton Cup o’Soup with the round noodles only.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      VERY specific, Val!! Pepperoni pizza?? That does not seem like sick food to me! I’m loving these answers!

  6. Reply Lauren says:

    Lots and lots of sleep and then hot tea and little powdered sugar donut gems for me. I give the kids toast, bananas and homemade chicken noodles.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Powdered donut gems. So awesome, Lauren! I used to like those for sleepovers… Right after we ate ramen noodles. Ah, memories!

  7. Reply Angela says:

    Sleep and also chicken soup and of course drugs that make u sleep…

    also a nice long relaxing souring bath or shower.

    Get Better

  8. Reply Angela says:

    Sorry *soothing* not souring … That would have to b strange if u new it was a souring bath lol.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Angela, you’re right. A souring bath would be awful! But a soothing one… Delightful. For me, it’s showers all the way.

  9. Reply Melisa says:

    I’m sorry you two don’t feel well.

    I LOVE those Marie Callender’s pot pies but yep, due to the “nutrition facts” I will only eat them once every 18 months or so.

    I am (knock on wood) sick enough to be “down for the count” very, very rarely, thank goodness. Usually all I want is peace and quiet and the remote. As far as food goes, I never crave anything specific when I’m sick as long as someone else prepares it!

    Feel better!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Yes, Melisa. Someone else preparing it is the most important. Tonight we ordered in Chinese food. But I still got stuck cleaning the kitchen!!

  10. Reply Tina says:

    Great question! So sorry to hear you guys are under the weather.
    For me, tea and toast with jam. Warmth of the tea, the sweet jam with the crunch of the toast – so comforting.
    Hoping you all feel better soon.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Thanks, Tina. Yes, tea and toast are always winners. I’m boiling water for tea as I write this. You know what would also make me feel good? Another post on your blog!!!!

  11. Reply Sandy Gilson says:

    Foods that comfort me, well I had no choice, tea and toast! I suppose starving me was the thought of getting well! Anyway, as an adult, I chose to have chicken noodle soup, and toasted rye bread! It made me feel good, & tea w/lemon &equall! Most of all as I age, sickness is more down time just resting w/out stresses and more love from family! Have a marvelous week w/your family and hope you and G are doing well! Sending love &hugs!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Thanks, Sandy!! Toasted rye… YES! Down time? I wish! Now I just want to get better and enjoy G’s week off of school. So that is the plan!

  12. Reply AL says:

    Mashed bananas. Ms Grass’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Schweppe’s Ginger Ale w/ice. Saltine crackers w/real butter. Plain, Greek Yogurt with honey & cinnamon.
    Popcicles made with flavored electrolytes. Jello made with 7-Up. Scrambled eggs with cinnamon toast and honey.

    Hope you are feeling better by now! Picking blackberries and blueberries, wish you were here!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      AL, I wish we were there picking berries more than you know. Can I just say that Jello made with 7UP sounds amazing? And I don’t even really like Jello! I’ll be trying that soon. LOVE cinnamon toast. Seriously want to get on a plan to OR tomorrow. Sigh…

  13. Reply Michelle says:

    Strangely, when I’m sick is the ONLY time that I like soup. And, it is only chicken noodle soup. In fact, if I crave chicken noodle soup, that always means that I’m getting sick. Do you think that’s because my Jewish mom and grandmothers were always pushing it as a cure-all? LOL

    Hope both of you are feeling better. ((HUGS))

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      I don’t know, Michelle. Chicken noodle soup rarely sounds good to me when I’m sick and I think it’s BECAUSE I got it so much from my Jewish mom and grandmas. I usually want Won Ton or Chicken Tortilla soup! Or something super brothy with no noodles. But I love soup all the time. All year round. Even when it’s hot out and I feel fine!

  14. Reply Laura says:

    Won Ton or Hot and Sour Soup and GingerAle..

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      I hear you, Laura! Just had won ton soup tonight! I prefer mineral water over ginger ale. Somehow that always makes me feel sicker!

  15. Reply Christine says:

    The ultimate sick/comfort food in my family is Pastina. We make it thick and creamy and yummy. I think every woman four generations back made it when anyone was sick or feeling funky. Now I make it for Kate, and I even have her friends call and ask me to make it for them when they don’t feel well. Of course, when I’m sick, no one makes it for me, so I order chicken noodle soup from the chinese joint down the street.

    Also on my childhood sicky menu were soft boiled eggs, or cinnamon toast, or farina. And as a kid if you were sick it was always ginger ale to drink. But not the fake, artificial flavor kind, the kind made with real ginger. As an adult, I prefer Ginger tea, which is a miracle in a mug when my stomach is off.

    Sorry you are feeling stinky. Hugs to you and yours 🙂

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      What’s Pastina? I must look it up. Sounds awesome. Make me some!!

      • Reply Christine says:

        Pastina is Tiny Pasta. Its star shaped. I use the one made by Ronzoni, and make it risotto style. I toast the pastina in butter then add steaming chicken broth one ladle at a time, stirring it in until its absorbed then adding and stirring more and more until its tender and creamy and thick. Then I add an extra bit of broth to loosen it up just enough, then I crack an egg into it and scramble it around with a fork right in the pot. That makes it even thicker and creamier. Then I grate in some good pecorino romano, I prefer Locatelli and a hunk of butter. And that’s it. Serve in big deep bowls and eat with a spoon and feel all better. And I will happily make you some — c’mon over!

  16. Reply Stevetamu2011 says:

    Home made chicken soup is the cure. I got it from my mom but it has to be home made something in the chicken and broth . I never took medicine when I was a kid just moms soup

  17. Reply Poppy says:

    Cream of Wheat with brown sugar, orange juice, and Vicodin. Also, I would like to request that no one else be sick while I am sick. Thank you.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Request granted, Poppy. Just send me a memo with your upcoming sick days and I will make sure to be sick on different days. Do people still do memos?

  18. Reply The Flying Chalupa says:

    First, I’m so sorry you’re sick – and that you also have to take care of a sick kid! I believe I wrote a bitter Florence Nightingale post about that scenario.

    Second, food – comfort food – is always the answer. Love the scrambled eggs – I usually combine it with a bagel that has melted cheese on it. Aren’t bagels the epitome of comfort? Feel better friend!

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      Chalupa, Jews do not melt cheese on their bagels. They put cream cheese and lox on them.
      But I will be melting cheese on one soon. Don’t tell my mom. Or my rabbi.

  19. Reply Norma Lamothe says:

    Hope you and your G-man are doing better. For me when I was a kid, potato chips and a can of coke. Has an adult I just want to be alone. Do not want to eat anything. Just be alone! Of course that never happens. Still don’t eat anything until the bug passes.

    For Craig I give him lots of pedilite, (probably spelled wrong) and yogurt. Both really helps his tummy to feel better.

  20. Reply tracey - justanothermommy says:

    I’m sorry. You wrote “Marie Callendar’s pot pie” and I began to cry. I LOVE THAT SHIT.

    • Reply flawlessmom says:

      I know, Tracey. Only eat it in the restaurant where you can’t see the fat grams. It’s so friggin good.

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